Adam Lallana Finally Settling in at Liverpool

Finally, Adam Lallana is feeling at home after three years at Liverpool FC. After playing for two seasons which were largely defined by losses and disappointment, the midfielder is now finally enjoying playing in the best form of his life after Liverpool’s new manager Jurgen Klopp has managed to breathe some new life into the players on the pitch, taking them higher than they’ve been in the Premier League for over a decade.

Potential Bargain

Premier League clubs tend to pay over the odds for English players, and Lallana appeared to be a prime example of this when he arrived from Southampton back in 2014, costing the Reds £25million. However, similar to club captain Jordan Henderson, Lallana has quickly done more than enough to justify his hefty price tag and has become one of the best investments that the Reds have made in the past few years, beginning to look like quite a bargain. The 28-year-old can owe much of his improvement on the pitch to Klopp, who quickly saw the potential in the player and managed to transform the long-standing losers into a genuine challenger for the Premier League title, with the odds more in their favour than that of arch-rivals Manchester United at Bookmaker Ratings.

Adam Lallana Finally Settling in at Liverpool

New Players

Despite spending relatively little in the summer transfer window this year, Klopp has certainly made wise choices, bringing in new players Sadio Mane, Joel Matip and Georginio Wijnadum, who have undoubtedly helped to make the Reds a stronger, higher-performing team. But, it’s not just the new arrivals who can take some credit for Liverpool’s stark improvement, as it’s the personal growth and improvement of players such as Lallana, Firmino and Henderson which has helped to catapult Liverpool up to second place in the division.

Under Klopp’s new management and tutoring, Lallana has flourished as a player, once again underlying his increasing importance to the Reds team with two goals and an assist in one of his recent games against Middlesbrough. With his goals showing a level of determination that we rarely got a glimpse of under old boss Brendan Rogers, Lallana is no longer being criticised for having a lack of end product, with a new determination and motivation that’s largely due in part to Klopp’s guidance and his encouraging, positive attitude on the touchline.

This season, Lallana has already racked up an impressive six goals in fourteen Premier League appearances, compared to just four goals in thirty games during the last Premier League campaign under the Reds’ previous boss. And, it’s not only his scoring speed and ability that has improved – he’s now providing more assists than ever before for his teammates, too. The England international is enjoying a productive season, having already set up as many goals as he managed to over the course of the whole previous season.

However, these encouraging statistics seem to be almost at odds with the deeper role that Lallana has been given, as he has been asked to play in midfield this season. But, as a result, this has given the former Southampton winger the time and space needed to pull the strings in midfield as a result of the often dangerous pace up front from players such as Mane, Origi, and Firmino. And, Lallana is also reaping the benefits of settling into life on Merseyside since initially struggling after spending the majority of his career on the south coast.

£25m may have seemed like a high price for Lallana back in 2014, but since then, it’s become clear that the Reds managed to snag a bargain. Thriving under the management of Jurgen Klopp, we surely have much more talent to see from this promising player.