Bale’s Performance and New €350,000 per week Contract

On 20 October, Real Madrid announced a new contract for Gareth Bale keeping him at Santiago Bernabeu until 2022. The world was shocked with the contract sum and the amount of money involved. The new contract will make Gareth Bale the highest paid player in the world. The new 6 years contract is estimated to be €600,000 a week but after tax Gareth Bale is set to receive €350,000 a week. This new contract takes Bale above Messi and Ronaldo.Bale's Performance and New €350,000 per week Contract Bale New Contract SportsGoogly will marry the performance of Gareth Bale with his new contract to justify weather he deserve the €350,000 OR NOT.
The 27 year old was born in Cardiff, Wales on 16 July 1989. This is the club statistics of Gareth Bale to serve you with the better idea if he deserves the €350,000 a week or not.

Gareth Bale started playing football at a younger age way back in school. Gareth Bale was an athlete for his school and represented the school in a lot of sporting disciplines. Gareth Bale was well noted for his footballing skills and at school; his school team coach banned him from playing with his natural left foot.  Southampton spotted Gareth Bale at school and recruited to train with the Southampton satellite academy in Wales. Straight from High School, Gareth Bales joined the main Southampton team in England.

Gareth Bales was the second youngest player to have played for Southampton with the age of 16 years and 275 days second to Theo Walcott who was 16 years 132 at the time of making his debut. Gareth Bale played only one active season for Southampton and was sold to Tottenham Hotspurs for €7 million.

• 2006-07: 38 league appearances with 5 goals which represents 13% scoring accuracy.

Tottenham Hotspurs
On 25 May 2007, Tottenham Hotspurs signed the young and impressive left back from Southampton with a transfer fee of €7 million for 4 years. Gareth Bale’s impressive overlapping and attacking instincts made him a treat to opposition defenders. In his later years for Tottenham, Bale transformed into an attacking midfielder with eyes for goals and a prolific free kick scorer. At Tottenham Hotspurs this was Gareth Bale’s statistics;

• 2007-08: 8 league appearances with 2 goals representing 25% scoring accuracy.

• 2008-09: 16 league games with no goal.

• 2009-10: 23 league appearances with 3 goals representing 13% scoring accuracy.

• 2010-11: 30 league games with 7 goals with stands for 23% scoring accuracy.

• 2011-12: 36 league appearances with 9 goals with is 25% scoring accuracy.

• 2012-13: 33 league games with 21 goals which represents 64% scoring accuracy.

In total, Gareth Bale played 146 league games for Tottenham Hotspurs with 42 goals representing 29% scoring accuracy.

Real Madrid

Bale's Performance and New €350,000 per week Contract Bale New Contract
On September 2013 Gareth Bale joined Real Madrid from Tottenham Hotspurs on a transfer fee per ported to be around €100 million. Gareth Bale pended a 6 years contract for the Spanish giants. Since 2013 up to the 2015-16 season, this is the statistics of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid;

• 2013-14: 27 La Liga appearances with 15 goals representing 57% scoring accuracy. In the Copa Del Rey, Bale made 5 appearances with 1 goal representing 20% scoring accuracy. Bale made 12 champions league appearances with 6 goals representing 50% scoring accuracy.
In the 2013-14 season, Bale made a total of 44 appearances for Real Madrid scoring 22 goals with a scoring accuracy of 50%

• 2014-15: 31 La Liga appearances with 13 goals representing 42% scoring accuracy. Bale made 2 Copa Del Rey appearances with no goal. In the champions league, Bale scored 2 goals in 10 appearances with is 20% scoring accuracy. 
In the 2014-15 season have played 43 matches for Real Madrid and scored 15 goals with a scoring accuracy of 35%

• 2015-16: 23 La Liga appearances with 19 goals which represented 83% scoring accuracy. Bale did not play any Copa Del Rey game that season. In the champions league, Bale did not score a goal in 10 appearances.

In total, since joining Real Madrid in 2013 upto the 2015-16 season, Bale have played 81 La Liga games and scored 47 goals which is 58% scoring accuracy. In the champions league Bale have scored 8 goals in 30 appearances for Real Madrid with a scoring accuracy of 27%. In the Copa Del Rey Bale have only made 7 appearances with a goal. All combined, Gareth Bale have played 118 games for Real Madrid and scored 56 goals with a scoring accuracy of 48%.

Trophies Won With Real Madrid.
• FIFA Club World Cup: 2014
• UEFA Super Cup: 2014
• UEFA Champions League: 2013-14, 2015-16
• Copa Del Rey: 2013-14
Note: Gareth Bale have never won a league trophy.

Does Gareth Bale deserve a €350,000 a week?

Bale's Performance and New €350,000 per week ContractBefore the start of the 2016-17 season, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte lamented on the crazy transfer market and sighing of players. These days there are no quality players below 10 million Euros and the trend is increasingly going up with player wages as well. With these tremendous raise in transfer fees and player wages, UEFA under Michel Platini introduced the financial fair play rule to safeguard smaller from collapsing because of fair that they can’t cope with the tremendous tends. 
The big clubs have still being able to revolve around the fair play rule by sighing players with high transfer rate with very high wages.

In 2013 Real Madrid signed Gareth Bale for a reported transfer fee of €100 million on a 6 years contact. This week Bale have signed a new 6 years contract which is estimated to be €350,000 per week after tax. This amount means the Gareth Bale will be the highest paid played in the world surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo’s €288,000 per week. The new contract is the world’s most outrageous football contract.

Marrying Gareth Bale’s performance with his new contract, many are those who claim that it very outrageous and further confirming the crazy nature of the footballing world. SportsGoogly can say on authority that in the upcoming weeks Real Madrid will yet again announce a more improved contract of Cristiano Ronaldo. In conclusion the new offer for Gareth Bale is outrageous and he does not deserve such a bumper offer despite his performance.