CAF Elections, Plot to Oust Issa Haytou Draws Closer

The confederations of African Football (CAF) heads to the polls on 16 March 2017 to elect a new CAF president. The CAF elections will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the 16 March 2017. The 56 member countries of the confederation of African Football will be electing a president and each member state has one vote. The CAF 2017 elections is the most competitive opposition that CAF incumbent president Issa Haytou.CAF Elections, Plot to Oust Issa Haytou Draws Closer

The contest of the CAF presidency is between incumbent president Issa Haytou and the FA president of the Madagascar Football Association. Issa Haytou is seeking his 8 term as the president of CAF. In the last annual general meeting of the confederation of African Football held in South Africa, a term limit was placed on the duration of CAF presidency. A duration of 3 terms of 4 years each is the new duration of the CAF presidency which will start after the March elections with no retrospective action.
The Tyranny of Issa Haytou.
Issa Haytou born on 9 August 1946 in Cameroon. The 70 year old took hold of CAF in 10 March 1988 and ruled as CAF president for nearly 3 decades uninterruptedly. Uncountable allegations of bribery and corruption have been leveled against Issa Haytou but he has refused to step aside neither have availed himself for investigations.
With club football, pundits have predicted a failure for Haytou in his 29 years as CAF president. The CAF champions league and confederations cup are pale shadows of itself as compared to similar events in other continents. CAF with 56 member associations has only plays a champions league with only two groups. A competition which a defending champion can miss the ground state of the competition the following year. Poor structuring of CAF inter club competitions with no intent for reforms.
In national teams football like the African cup of Nations, sponsorships and revenue for the competition can not be accounted for. Banning officials and countries which challenge his rule or authority is also part of his tyranny. Under Issa Haytou African hosted the world cup for the first time but 7 years on what is the impact?
Haytou’s Challenger Ahmad Ahmad
A credible challenger to Issa Haytou in the 2017 CAF elections was not a possibility because Issa Haytou have screw the laws to forbid anybody from challenging him. Proud to the 2013 CAF elections, Danny Jordan of South Africa declared intentions to challenge Issa Haytou but Haytou changed the regulations governing who challenge. The new regulations meant that only executive committee members of CAF can seek for the CAF elections and Issa Haytou has indirect hand in the election process of the executive committee. Nobody could have expected that Issa Haytou’s own executive committee member Ahmad Ahmad could have challenged him.
The president of FIFA the world football governing body, Giannini Infantino in speech at the Asian Football Federation elections stated that, it is time that football leaders with the old regime of Sepp Blatter must be parted ways with. The FIFA president clearly against Issa Haytou’s rule as CAF president.
With the emotional support of Giannini Infantino, the 57 year old Madagascan FA president have already secured 15 member associations to vote for him. COSAFA the regional football body of Southern African countries with 14 countries openly have declared it’s support for Ahmad Ahmad. Nigeria have also openly declared it’s support to Ahmad Ahmad.
CAF has 56 member associations so to win the CAF presidential elections Ahmad Ahmad needs 29 member associations to vote for him. Few weeks ago on the birthday of the Zimbabwean FA president ,, who is the campaign manager of Ahmad Ahmad, 24 presidents of African Football Associations gathered to in Zimbabwe on a close door meeting.
The future of Issa Haytou as CAF president looks very shaky as Ahmad Ahmad with the support of Giannini Infantino who is consistently visiting strategic African countries who are undecided and the support of COSAFA and Nigeria compaigning strongly for him.
Apart from the countries and individuals who are openly campaigning for Ahmad Ahmad, there is a silent majority who are not openly declaring their support for Ahmad Ahmad but rather with him inside camera.
The 2017 CAF elections is most competitive elections and difficult elections that Issa Haytou is about to face as the CAF president. It’s obviously clear that top football gurus in Africa and the world at large wants the tyranant Issa Haytou out of office.
The high rated and high flying elections is expected to take place in Addis Ababa on 16 March 2017.