PSG vs Barcelona, the End of the Road for Luis Enrique

The end of the road was inevitable for Luis Enrique when he led his team against a PSG on a love giving day in Paris, losing 4-0 in a very disgusting, shambolic and depressing showing on Tuesday. The 2016/2017 season has been a very difficult season for Luis Enrique whose Barcelona team has failed to impress and be the Barcelona we know.
The End of the Road for Luis Enrique

Since the start of this season Barcelona have been playing very badly and woefully with MSN here and there, while their midfield is still very shaky; probably Enrique was mad when he signed Gomez in his midfield especially for that big money cause Gomez was obviously a flop all through the Euros, expecting a worthless player of that caliber to lead his team to success was funny then spending that huge sum on him felt like brain blackout.

Luis Enrique and his team are yet to understand what is wrong while I will say the same thing is happening currently and even worse to Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid are the only team who have been able to manage this trying and difficult time.

After Saturday’s 6-0 win against Deportivo Alaves, everyone probably thought Barcelona had finally found their foot in but to everyone’s dismay they were presented with an early exit in the air on Valentine’s Day when PSG showed no love in France taking them apart 4-0 with a woeful showing from back to front. Luis Enrique was left more frustrated and infuriated without a glimpse of hope especially knowing things could have been different if Gomez had equalized when he had the chance to.

Before today and even this season Barcelona fans have wanted the head of Luis Enrique, many of their supporters saw him as nothing but a confused man who was only leading them to the ditch but now that they are in it there is no chance Luis Enrique will be Barcelona’s coach next season as he keeps sinking the team deeper.The End of the Road for Luis Enrique

The season Luis Enrique arrived at Barcelona, Barcelona kicked started their campaign in fine colors but soon faded away losing color and hope, fans were infuriated with the way he structured the team and wasn’t getting positive result; while Messi was left frustrated with his less gaming time after finally falling out with Messi and the fans Luis Enrique was going to be fired but somehow he turned everything around from the period of January to May winning the UEFA Champions League, Laliga, and Copa del rey to wrap up a super come back and stamp his arrival at Barcelona which also gained him the love of the fans, his team and repaired his relationship with Messi.

Last season was his second season which was supposed to be a walk in the park to glory but somehow they had to engage in fighting for it after Real Madrid was thrown out of the Copa del rey for fielding an illegible player in the first round, Barcelona easily strolled past their other opponents for yet another Copa glory but they had to wait for the last match of the season to claim a second Laliga and pray a Manchester City story didn’t happen to them after squandering a twelve points lead to one though their Champions League story was different when Atletico Madrid overcame a 2-1 first leg loss to dump them out in the quarter-final 2-0 in the second leg. Despite missing out on a treble and having to watch arch rival, Real Madrid win the Champions League for the 11th time, Luis Enrique and his boys did have yet another sterling and glorious season.

This season being his third did seem like his first season where he and his team just overcame their poor run and turned it to a glorious treble but it took a different turn on Tuesday from picking up to being buried, when PSG broke Barcelona 4-0 giving them no chance of overturning it.

Since the start of this season, Barcelona, Real and Atletico have been patching themselves up while trying to find an antidote. Atletico was confined to death after their diagnosis was confirmed to have no cure leaving both Real and Barcelona in the fight for life. Real kept their hopes while Barcelona kept slipping, playing in a disorganized pattern, with woeful showings and disgusting performances earning them nothing but second just a point behind Real who are two game short of everyone, and a win their two matches will surely end any hopes left for Barcelona leaving them with just a Copa del rey final against Alaves; though their 6-0 league win was a dress rehearsal for the final, Alaves who has beaten Barcelona already this season surely know they can do it again in the Copa del rey against a team who looks to be losing everything in themselves.

Many players have failed to turn up this season for Barcelona while other have been the architect of the failures this season. Luis Suarez who was the highest goal scorer last season has failed to lift Barcelona, with him having it difficult and different from last season; he has failed to score as many as he did last season. Neymar has continuously been the same as he has always been every season probably getting worse, he dribbles a lot and squanders a lot of chances in games.

Messi on the other hand is trying to resurrect the team by helping to create in midfield but that has not been enough as he has failed to turn up in many games and be the Messiah everyone once depended upon. Midfield maestro, Iniesta has had some issues with injury but as also failed to turn up with his high performances which has seen Barcelona failing on many occasions. Rakitic has failed to be key in the midfield like he has always been since his arrival; he probably lost effectiveness during the Euros which has also continued in his performance for Barcelona and has affected the team.

Barcelona are the biggest architect of their problems by selling shot stopper Claudio Bravo and replacing him with a disaster in Ter Stegen who has been behind a lot of errors and rubbish goalkeeping this season, failing to palm away easy shots and playing dangerously in his own area. Ter stegen has been a very vital instrument to their failure this season and so is Barcelona, who knowing how bad their defense is, left their life in the hands of Ter Stegen.

New signing, probably with promising failures, Andre Gomez has been the second worst thing to happen to Barcelona this season, not only was a of money wasted on him but also he is probably going to be Barcelona’s big regrets when this season ends. Gomez has been poor in midfield duties and woeful when in scoring opportunities he has been a calamity since the Euros and it’s impossible to understand why Enrique still keeps up with him, probably trying to ensure he not a waste of money; he has kept Rafinha and Rakitic on the bench at times, denying Barcelona a chance to succeed and perpetuating failure on the pitch.

Finally, Luis Enrique will surely have to take the fall for Barcelona’s poor performances and results all season long. While I can look at it and say that teams this season seems to have studied Barcelona and already know all their moves but again that brings us back to Enrique who is the coach, should have been able to study his team change somethings and make them less predictable but rather he foolishly has been doing anything and everything that enters his mind and that has seen them fail woefully; selling star Bravo replacing him with a disaster while wasting money, space and time on Gomez he has also failed to bring the best out of Turan who has also not had much playing time. Looking back at Barcelona against Arsenal in the UCL when asked what he does that his team plays well he said “nothing I just say abracadabra and that’s it” well Enrique I bet your abracadabra can’t save you or your team it so inevitable that Luis Enrique will axed once the season is over, he can celebrate his great success of his three years in charge and use this to take a break and refresh his brain blackout.

From Timilehin Peter @andreazbryan