Inspirational Stories of Athletes Who Battled Cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases in which some body cell show abnormal growth, the uncontrollable cell division results in the form of tumor. These cells have the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

Normally, human cells grow, divide and produce daughter cell as the body needs them. Every cell has a life span. After completing their life span, the older cells die, and new cells take their place.

Life expectancy of patients diagnosed with different types of cancer is different.  Survival rates are only estimates and are based on:

  • Your type of cancer.
  • The stage of your cancer when you were diagnosed.
  • The particular traits of your cancer (such as cell types and growth traits).
  • The treatment you received.
  • Your unique physical and emotional health.

In below line we discuss those brave and courageous athletes who not only battle the cancer but also defeated this deadliest disease in their professional career. The battles won by professional athletes often lead to raised awareness and sources of inspiration for those also battling for their lives.

Mario LemieuxInspirational Stories of Athletes Who Battled Cancer

The greatest hockey player of all time Mario Lemieux was oft-hampered by a devastating back injury that plagued him for most of his career.  On 12, 1993, the Penguins announced their 27-year-old superstar center had cancer. Lemieux was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, now known as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, after an enlarged lymph node was removed from his neck.

The 1992-93 NHL season provided one of the great moments not only in hockey history, but all of sports, when Mario Lemieux returned from cancer treatments and led the Penguins into the playoffs with 17 straight victories to the end the season. Lemieux’s story is an ultimate inspiration for all cancer victims.

Lance ArmstrongInspirational Stories of Athletes Who Battled Cancer

Lance Armstrong is a name of inspirations and motivation. He is the one of the cancer communities’ biggest role models and inspirations. Although today everyone remember him as a liar and a cheat but no one can deny his battle against cancer. Armstrong overcame a traumatic battle against testicular and a brain tumor through 1996 and 1997. He came back and won seven consecutive Tour de France championships between 1999-2005. While his riding legacy may be tarnished forever, his efforts towards fund raising and awareness for cancer research can never be neglected.

Jon Lesterplayers Who Battled Cancer

Jon Lester was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in 2007. He missed the first half of the Major League Baseball championship but made a heroic return to the starting rotation in June of the year. He again started and won the Red Sox World Series clinching win at the end of the season.

John CullenInspirational Stories of Athletes John Cullen was diagnosed Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the end of the 1996-1997 season. He made his return in 1998-1999 after 18 months. He was one of the first and most prominent promoters of the Hockey Fights Cancer, the NHL’s cancer research foundation.

Billy Mayfair Athletes Who Battled Cancer

Billy Mayfair’s story is the story of his dedication for sports. In July 2006, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He underwent surgery for the disease three days later. He was back on the golf course within two weeks. Most take months to come back from the cancer treatment, but Mayfair’s did everything to get back on the course in the time for the PGA Championship.

Yuvraj SinghStories of Athletes Who Battled Cancer

The Indian Cricket Team’s all-rounder Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left lung in 2011. Yuvraj Singh was suffering from Mediastinal germ cell seminoma. Mediastinal indicates that the cancer is present in the chest cavity between his lungs. Seminoma indicates the variant of germ cell cancer which is very sensitive to chemotherapy. These tumors are caused by germ cells moving abnormally during the growth of the embryo or the fetus. It is not caused by external factors like smoking, drinking, environment etc. He underwent chemotherapy treatment in Boston and Indianapolis. After successfully completion of his treatments Yuvraj made his international comeback in a Twenty20 match in September against New Zealand shortly before the 2012 World Twenty20.