Matchday 9 of the South American World Cup Qualifiers with Expect Analysis

The South American world cup qualifiers will end for the month of October with all the top teams in action. There are 10 countries seeking for qualification with 4 slots available for automatic qualification and the 5th country will engage in an intercontinental playoffs. There will be a total of 90 matches.

The qualification structure is the same as the previous five tournaments. The ten teams will play in a league of home and away round robin matches. The top four teams will qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the fifth placed team will advance to the Inter Confederation playoffs. Unlike previous qualifying tournaments where the fixtures were pre-determined, the fixtures were determined by draw. According to SportsGoogly, this is how the last round of the qualifying games for October will be.

Bolivia vs Ecuador

Matchday 9 of the South American World Cup Qualifiers
Ecuador is slowly and steadily striving on the South American world cup qualifying log while Bolivia is out of the race. Ecuador is on the third position with 16 points and Bolivia is on ninth position with 7 points. Bolivia and Ecuador have met 30 times with Bolivia winning 6, drawing 11 and Ecuador winning 13. In world cup qualifiers, the South American countries have met 13 times with Bolivia winning 2 drawing 2 and Ecuador winning 9. Bolivia have hosted Ecuador 12 times with Bolivia winning 4, drawing 4 and Ecuador winning 4. In world cup qualifiers Ecuador have visited 6 times with Ecuador winning 3 drawing 1 and losing 2. In the 2018 world qualifiers, both countries met on matchday 2 with Ecuador winning by two goals to nothing. In the last 10 world cup qualifying meetings, Ecuador have won 9 games and drawn 1. Ecuador is the favourite in this encounter because if they lose this game, it is likely they lose their qualification spot. Bolivia is likely to win the game.

Colombia vs Uruguay

the South American World Cup Qualifiers
Colombia and Uruguay is the biggest fixture of this encounter in the last world qualifying games for October. Colombia is on fourth position with 16 points and Uruguay is on the apex of the table of the log with 19 points so if Colombia wins the top of the table will change. Colombia and Uruguay have met on 40 times with Colombia winning 12 drawing 9 and Uruguay winning 19. In world cup qualifiers, Colombia and Uruguay have met 17 times with Colombia winning 5, drawing 5 and Uruguay winning 7.  Colombia have hosted Uruguay 15 times with Colombia winning 7, drawing 3 and Uruguay winning 5. In world cup qualifiers Uruguay have visited on 8 occasions winning 1, drawing 3 and losing 4. On the day 2 of the 2018 world cup qualifiers Uruguay won by 3 goals to nothing. In the last ten world cup qualifiers, Uruguay have won 2 drawn 2 and lost 3. The last and only time Uruguay won at Colombia in a world cup qualifying game was the run down to the 2010 world cup. Which on day 7 in the qualifiers Colombia suffered a home defeat to Uruguay. This game will be combustive and Colombia is likely win. If Colombia lose or draw their chances of qualification will suffer a dent.

Chile vs Peru

the South American World Cup Qualifiers
Peru’s chance of qualifying to Russia 2018 is in limbo because with 8 points on eighth position, their chances is limited. Chile is also struggling to qualify with Chile on seventh position with 11 points they are seeking to qualify through playoffs. The deciding game for Chile to qualify to the world cup is the game against Peru. Chile have clashed with Peru on 78 occasions with Chile winning 43, drawing 14 and Peru winning 21 of the games. In world cup qualifiers both nations have met on 18 occasions with Chile winning 10, drawing 2 and Peru winning 6 of the games. Chile have clashed 30 times at home with Peru, Chile winning 24 drawing 4 and Peru winning 2. Peru have visited Chile on 9 occasions in world cup qualifiers, losing 7 and drawing 2. The last time both countries met in world cup qualifiers was in the matchday 2 where Chile won away at Peru by three goals to four. In the last ten world cup meetings, Chile have won 6, drawn 1 and lost 3. Chile both at home and away is very stronger against Peru. Chile has 97% chance of winning the game against Peru.

Argentina vs Paraguay

the South American World Cup Qualifiers
Argentina and Paraguay are old foes of South American football. Argentina is on fifth position with 16 points and Paraguay is on sixth position with 12 points.  Argentina and Paraguay have met 98 times with Argentina winning 52, drawing 31 and Paraguay winning 15. In world cup qualifiers both countries have met only 17 times with Argentina winning 6, drawing 9 and Paraguay winning 2. Argentina have clashed with Paraguay 34 times at home with Argentina winning 17, drawing 14 and Paraguay winning 3. In world cup qualifiers Paraguay have visited Argentina 8 times and have never won a game, losing 3 and drawing 5. The last time both countries met was on matchday 2 in the current series of the world cup qualifiers where Argentina traveled to draw at Paraguay. The last 10 world cup qualifying games between both countries, Argentina have won 3 drawn 5 and lost 2. Argentina considering its position on the league log will need to win this game to remain in the race to qualify to Russia 2018. Argentina is likely to win this fixture.

Venezuela vs Brazil

the South American World Cup Qualifiers
Venezuela is the bottom country in the South American world qualifying stage. Brazil is the country with most appearances in the FIFA world cup and are close to making yet another appearance on second position with 18 points. In history Venezuela and Brazil have met 23 times with Brazil winning 87% of the encounters, Venezuela winning 1 and drawing 2. In world cup qualifiers Brazil has yet another 93% lead in head to head with both countries meeting 15 with one drawn game. Brazil have visited Venezuela on 7 occasions in world cup qualifiers with Brazil winning all the 7 games. On matchday 2 in the current world cup qualifiers where Brazil trashed Venezuela by three goals to one at home. In the last 10 encounters between Brazil and Venezuela, Brazil have won 9 and drawn one. This fixture is a David and Goliath affairs because in Venezuela, Venezuela have never won a game against Brazil. Brazil have the chance of 98% to win the game hands down against Venezuela.

1. Uruguay 19 points
2. Brazil 18 points
3. Ecuador 16 points
4. Colombia 16 points
5. Argentina 16 points
6. Paraguay 12 points
7. Chile 11 points
8. Peru 8 points
9. Bolivia 7 points
10. Venezuela

Top scorers
Edinson Cavani(Uruguay) 7 goals
Felipe Caicedo(Ecuador) 5 goals
Dario Lezcano(Paraguay) 4 goals

In the South African qualifiers there have being 45 games so far with 24  home wins, 11 away wins and 10 drawn games. The total goals scores in the 45 games is 130 goals with 3 goals per game on the average. The next world cup qualifying games in South America will bounce back on the 7 November 2016.