Mbappe Will Join This Premier League Side

There have been a lot of speculations about where the French youngster will ply his trade next season. Of course, when a young brilliant chap like that plays for Monaco, you understand that the bigger wigs will definitely have their eyes set on him. No one said that Monaco is not a big side. But hey, do they have the money to ward off the big accounts of names in England and Spain? Would you bet​ online at Odds Digger that they can keep him? Hell no.​  Mbappe  Premier League Side

He has also made the speculation higher by hinting that there is a possibility of him leaving the club this summer and considering opportunities in other countries. These opportunities are scattered everywhere. Now, with England having the best coaches in the world right in its shores and the increased humongous TV rights deals, the money and will power, and even the attraction that will make him move to this place is now ripe.

However, the news every football enthusiast is waiting for is the club that he will be joining in summer. If we confirm the fact that Barcelona has no known interest in the young man (of course, they have a great strike force), that real Madrid have converted their main man to number 9 (with Benzema still available), the only destination for the young chap will be England.

The Monaco star has slotted in 23 goals this season and he recently got a French call up because of his exploits. In the wake of that, he said he’ll consider Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal.

Mbappe Will Join This Premier League Side

Arsenal will always wobble when it comes to getting players with huge amounts of money and they are not going for the Champions League too – so they are out. Manchester City and Liverpool have no known interests in the young chap and Guardiola has Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sane and Kelechi Iheanacho. So they are not short of strikers.

But in the case of Chelsea, there are rumours everywhere about Diego Costa leaving and he actually heightened this by doing a gesture like telling Chelsea fans goodbye when he was substituted in their final match. Mitchy Batshuayi has not been delivering, asides his end of the season flashes, so it is easy to conclude that Chelsea needs a new striker who could be trusted to deliver.

Manchester United is in an even more precarious situation. Ibra is an old man, Rashford is too young and Marshall is not a regular number 9 like Mbappe. So they will need him. But, that will be realizable, only if they are able to qualify for the Champions League by winning the Europa league.

These transfer speculations have made a lot of players and managers to come out and say one or two things about the striker and his destination.

According to his compatriot, Thierry Henry, the boy is so good in the pitch and when he met him outside the pitch, he also found out that the lad is very intelligent. For Henry, the most important thing in any player is to think while playing and he sees this in Mbappe when he dribbles on the pitch. For him, the fact that he uses his brain implies that he has a great future in football.

Arsenal’s Wenger says that while the boy is not a replica of Henry, he shares some of the veteran’s qualities. Wenger sees the potential, but posits that the intelligence, desire and motivation similar to what Henry had will take him places. According to him, albeit in a cunning way, Mbappe’s talent and future are similar to that of Henry. So, does it mean he will play for Arsenal like Henry??

Falcao, his senior teammate on his own said he is a good young player who keeps delivering in every game, contributing and proving himself all the time.

But when Antonio Conte of Chelsea was asked about this player, he said that he doesn’t like to talk about players that are not his already, but that it’s clear that Mbappe is very promising and will also be very beneficial to football. For him, the young chap has a lot of opportunities to become better.

But for Mbappe, the transfer season is a long one and he will take some time to consider his options.