Is there a Possibility that Posse-Gate could Return Phil Jackson to the Lakers?

During the weekend, Mark Heisler of the Orange County Registers instigated a rumor that is guaranteed to catch people’s attention as the current season proceeds. More so if the situation worsens for Phil Jackson who is the Knicks president. The top American site for NBA Betting is bound to be influenced by this kind of information. Is there a Possibility that Posse-Gate could Return Phil Jackson to the Lakers?

The controversial rumor is that Phil Jackson could be returning to the Los Angeles Lakers. This is of course if he feels like the annual $12 million salary that the Knicks are currently offering him is not sufficient or is not motivational enough.

Jeanie Buss who is the fiancé and co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and Phil deny such possibilities. Their statements hold water until 1st July when the truth will see the light of day. However, people who are close to both individuals confirm that Phil might opt to go to the Los Angeles Lakers.

It is such confirmations that fuel the rumors and propagate them further each and every day. Mark Heisler has a 50/50 odds on offer that Phil Jackson will leave the Knicks, a pretty bold move if you ask me. Nonetheless, he has managed to get NBC, CBS and even ESPN talking about the matter. It is for this very reason that the rumor he is far from over. His 3rd year with the Knicks is off to shaky start in any case and is having a rough time in making their impact felt in the league. This is clearly exhibited by their 8-8 standings and their fans who are already bored by their performance.

The Posse-Gate has distracted everyone from talking about the team’s record and performance. This is because they are focused on a scandal that is Phil’s own creation, a scandal that targeted the business associates and friends of LeBron James that were referred to as a posse. James appropriately responded to it and was seconded by Kevin Durant, James Harden and even Phil’s own Carmelo Anthony who is a star player of the Knicks. Furthermore, the Knocks had a team meeting whereby where they resolved to have collective goals and mentality. It is at this meeting that Carmelo Anthony echoed that Jackson is nothing more than an official figure and is not to be heard.

In fact, no one has heard from Phil ever since the Jackie MacMullan interview. The reason for this is that everybody is expecting him to address the posse remark he made regardless of whether it is on an official capacity or not. In addition, people expect his response on the rumors of his departure as it is part of the things that are harming the Knicks’s season.

Is it possible that Phil intentionally started rumors of his departure to direct attention away from the Posse-Gate? This remains to be seen.

Jeanie Buss said that Phil Jackson is fully committed to the New York Knicks and will remain so for quite some time. She added that Phil is on a mission to rebuild the team to a position that he believes it can get to. After all, Phil is a former Knick himself and therefore adores New York and is out to make the fans of the game proud. Buss refute claims of Phil’s return to the Los Angeles Lakers. However, it is exactly what anyone would do if they were attempting to lure their fiancé away from the team they are currently working for in a bid for them to join their former team. People do not believe Jeanie’s word.