Thomas Muller can be defined as a the success of the German youth system. Thomas Muller is an accomplished attacking midfielder with Bayern Munich and Germany. The 2016-17 season have not been a good one for Muller who finds it difficult to get playing time under coach Carlo Ancelotti. 
Thomas Muller TransferClubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid have all showed interest in signing Thomas Muller from Bayern Munich. Manchester United is set to table a £80 million while Chelsea is also rumored to table £75 million for Muller in the summer.

SportsGoogly carefully analyses if T. Muller deserves to sold out from Bayern Munich. Is Thomas Muller outclassed in Bayern Munich or Is Thomas Muller surplus to requirement?

The Rise of Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller was born on 13 September, 1989 and he is currently 27 year old and has a lot of football in him. Thomas Muller joined Bayern Munich in the year 2000. Muller passed through the ranks of the Bayern Munich academy and lasted 9 years in the academy. In February 2009, Thomas Muller signed his first professional contract with Bayern Munich.
Thomas Muller’s performance by seasons;
2009-10 Season: 52 Games with 12 goals.
Thomas Muller played 34 Bundesliga games with Bayern Munich and scored 13 goals. In the domestic cup competition Muller played  6 games and scored 4 goals. In the UEFA champions league, Muller played 12 games and scored 2 goals. In all, Muller played 52 games and scored 12 goals in the 2009/10 season.
2010-11 Season: 47 Games with 18 Goals.
Thomas Muller played 34 Bundesliga games and scored 12 goals that season. In the UEFA champions league, Thomas Muller played 8 games and scored 3 goals. In the domestic cup competition Muller played 5 games and scored 3 goals.  In total, Muller scored 18 goals in 47 games in the season.
2011-12 season: 53 Games with 11 Goals.
In the Bundesliga, Thomas Muller played 34 games and scored 7 goals. In the domestic cup competition, Muller played 5 games and scored 2 goals. Thomas Muller played 14 games and scored 2 goals in the champions league. In total, Muller scored 11 goals in 53 appearances the entire season.
2012-13 Season: 46 Games with 22 Goals.
Thomas Muller scored 13 goals in 28 games in the Bundesliga. In the domestic cup competition, Muller played 5 games and scored 1 goal. In the champions league, Muller played 13 games and scored 8 goals. In total, he played 46 games and scored 22 goals in the entire season.
2013-14 Season: 48 Games with 26 Goals.
In the Bundesliga, Thomas Muller scored 13 goals in 31 appearances. In the domestic cup competition, Muller played 5 games and incredibly scored 8 goals. Thomas Muller made 12 appearances for Bayern Munich in the champions league and scored 5 goals. In total, Thomas Muller made 47 appearances in the season and scored 21 goals in the process.
2014-15 Season: 47 Games with 21 Goals.
In the Bundesliga, Thomas Muller made 32 appearances and scored 13 goals in the process. In the domestic cup competition, Muller scored only 1 goal in a single appearance. Thomas Muller played 10 champions league games and scored 7 goals. In total, Thomas Muller scored 21 goals in 47 appearances in the entire season.
2015-16 Season: 48 Games with 32 goals.
In the Bundesliga, Muller played 31 games and scored 20 goals. In the domestic cup competition, Thomas Muller made 5 appearances and scored incredibly 4 goals. In the champions league, he made 12 appearances and scored 8 goals in the process. In total, Muller scored 32 goals in 48 appearances for the entire season
In Muller’s total career with Bayern Munich excluding this season, he has made 341 appearances as an attacking midfielder and have scored 149 goals with a scoring rate of 44% not bad as an attacking midfielder.
This are a list of trophies won by Thomas Muller while at Bayern Munich;Thomas Muller Transfer
German Bundesliga: 5 trophies won (2009-10, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16)
German Cup (DFB Pokal): 4 trophies (2009-10, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2015-16)
German Super Cup: 3 trophies (2010, 2012 and 2016)
UEFA Champions League: 2012-13
UEFA Super Cup: 2013
FIFA Club World Cup: 2013
Thomas Muller for Germany
Thomas Muller has a long standing relationship with national teams of the German football federation. While Muller was at the Bayern Munich academy, he started representing his country at the youthful level. Muller played for the German U16, U19, U20 and U21 national teams.Thomas Muller, Priceless Asset that Must Not be Sold,
Muller got his first German national team call up in 2009. Thomas Muller was more significant in the German national from 2010 till date. From 2010 to 2016, Muller have represented Germany in 2 world cups and 2 UEFA Euro Championships. Thomas Muller have made 83 appearances for Germany and scored 36 goals.
Muller’s Honors with Germany
FIFA World Cup: 1 trophies (2014)
FIFA World Cup: 3rd Place (2010)
UEFA Euro Championships: semi finals (2012 and 2016)
Individual Honors
• FIFA World Cup Golden Boot: 2010
• FIFA World Cup Best Young Player: 2010
• FIFA World Cup Silver Ball: 2014
• FIFA World Cup Silver Boot: 2014
• FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 2014
• FIFA World Cup Dream Team: 2014
The 2016-17 Muller Crisis
The Bayern Munich team is currently leading the German Bundesliga table with 5 points but supporters and board members of the Bayern Munich are virtually not happy.
This season, Bayern Munich have played 21 Bundesliga matches but Thomas Muller have featured in only 18 games. Every single game have 90 minutes and 18 games is suppose to be 1,620 minutes but Thomas Muller have only played 1,342 minutes meaning in the 18 games played by Muller, he was a substitute. Muller have already missed 3 games but per his minutes played in 18 games, he has missed 3 league games. In 21 games played by Bayern Munich this season in the Bundesliga, Muller have played only 15 games according to his minutes as compared to the total minutes involved in 21. In the 15 games played by Thomas Muller he has scored one goal.
The question is that, is it the entire Bayern Munich team functioning below power or it is only Muller who have lost form.
The answer to the question is that, last season under Pep Guardiola Bayern Munich at matchday 21 was leading the table with 8 points gap. Bayern Munich have won 18 of the 21 Bundesliga games with 56 points on top of the league table. This means that tactically Pep Guardiola was on top.
This season at matchday 21 under Carlo Ancelotti, Bayern Munich have only won 15 games with 45 on the table.
Concluding, the entire Bayern Munich team is not functioning properly. Tactically, Carlo Ancelotti is retrogressing Bayern Munich. Instead of singling out one player Muller as not performing, the board and president of Bayern Munich should be careful and aware of this fact and not prosecute their third captain Thomas Muller.  The entire Bayern Munich team is below power this season in scoring and winning games but not only one of their most successful players in their team, Muller. Thomas Muller is not the causative agent of Bayern Munich under performance but rather Carlo Ancelotti’s tactics is the undermining factor of Bayern Munich team this season.
If the President and board members of Bayern Munich sits for Muller to be sold, it will be one of the greatest grave mistakes ever committed by the German giants. Muller have not lost his form but rather Muller is misplaced in Carlo Ancelotti’s tactics.