RMC Picks Handicapper Bets $500,000 on Floyd Mayweather


RMC Picks a sports handicapping service ran by Las Vegas, Nevada sports bettor Roger McConell wagered $500,000 to win just under $50,000 on Floyd Money Mayweather during the famous August 26, 2017 boxing matchup.

While the prize winnings for McConnell is small potatoes compared to the $300,000,000.00 that Mayweather was able to take home for his earnings that included a large portion of the pay per view revenue. McConnell is glad to take home a profit but is always weary of such heavy chalk favorites which was the case here.

Thanks to a 10th round TKO Mayweather was able to win the fight as Connor got so exhausted that he could barely keep on fighting. Floyd knew he just had to be patient and faced off against an opponent that was unlike any other. There were multiple times that the Handicapper from RMC Picks Roger McConnell thought that there was a little bit of UFC/MMA action happening in the ring that McGregor couldn’t quite help himself and his natural ways. This was a big sign that he wasn’t 100% comfortable being in the boxing ring with the worlds greatest.RMC Picks Handicapper Bets $500,000 on Floyd Mayweather

The official was making sure there was no brain damage when he called the TKO in the 10th round but had it gone to decision it would have been a close call. Of course McConnell thinks that there was no doubt that Mayweather was going to win he was just being patient and toying with his opponent.

In this case the line opened up as a 50/1 favorite and it made no sense what so ever to place a bet on Mayweather with those odds. However, as a sharp handicapper he waited for the line to adjust and move in his favor as there was more money bet on Mayweather but in terms of people placing wagers far more placed bets on his Irish opponent Connor McGregor. While it wasn’t easy betting against a fellow Irish Men that is one thing that makes him so successful is not betting with his heart but rather with his brain.

In the end the ticket cashed and life goes on till the next big bet can be placed.