Top 10 Techniques on Improving Arm Strength for Baseball Players

Throwing a baseball is one of the first skills all baseball players must learn. Whether you have the best youth baseball bats or have a great athletic physique, if you can’t throw a ball then it’s pretty darn useless. Most teams lose not because of poor fielding—it’s poor throwing that is to blame. Defenses work better at fielding than throwing the ball. Most baseball coaches much emphasis on fielding and hitting, rather than improving throwing techniques. Surprisingly, few pay attention to throwing until the team loses a game because of unexpected throwing errors.Techniques on Improving Arm Strength for Baseball Players

When it comes to improving throwing the ball, arm strength, accountability, and accuracy must be made top priorities. A baseball throwing program that incorporates accountability, accuracy, and techniques to improve arm strength is the biggest step a baseball coach can take to improve throwing and reduce errors. Besides, regular drills will make any program good and efficient.


Players should be accountable whenever they practice throwing. This will remind them every bad throw will have consequences. The players should be motivated to throw balls as they do during live and real games while practicing. Coaches should demand that players put 100 percent focus on their throwing at every situation to improve their ball throwing technique.


Without consistency, there can’t be accuracy. And the perfect way to improve consistency is to follow a strict throwing drill at every practice sessions and games.

Baseball Throwing Drills


  • Players should be in a throwing position with their shoulders, hip, and foot directed at the target.
  • Players will break their hands and hold for 1-2 seconds, evaluate themselves and make sure they’re in a throwing position.
  • As per the coach’s demand, players will throw the ball to at a particular point on the target. They should be sure that they have finished their throw.
  • For the return throw, players should be rest on their glove-side foot in a “ready” position to catch the ball.


This is similar to Ready-Break-Throw drill, except that in this drill there is no pause. Players should always be in the proper throwing position and be a ready position to catch the ball.

Quick Release

This drill is great for improving a fielder’s hands and foot as well to improve their accuracy. Players will transfer and return throw as fast as possible while hitting a specific area on the target. Make this a drill into a competition by making teams within the throwing players.

Stretch it Out

This practice drill allows players to stretch out their arms and to improve their arm strength as well.

The players will begin their training at a regular throwing distance with a teammate. After every five throws, the players will lengthen their throwing distances, while maintaining their throws on the line.

A  Baseball Throwing Program for Practice

  1. Ready-Break-Throw – 10 throws at 30 feet
  2. Ready-Break-Throw – 5 throws at 30 feet
  3. Ready-Throw – 10 throws at 60 feet
  4. Ready-Throw – 5 throws at 60 feet
  5. Quick Release – 10 throws at 90 feet
  6. Stretch it Out – 10-15 throws at 100 feet to maximum distance.
  7. Quick Release – 5 throws at 90 feet

Arm Strength

Unless your arm strength is improved, all those pitching drills and techniques won’t be that useful. So, if a pitcher or position player wants to throw a baseball at 90+mph, he should make his arm muscles stronger. Here are top ten ways to improve arm strength for baseball.

  1. Reduce your 60 times to below 7 seconds.
  2. Build up your front squat over 1.5 times your body weight.
  3. Build up your power clean over 1.3 times your body weight
  4. Take your vertical jump to over 30 inches.
  5. Build your bench press to over 1.5 times your body weight.
  6. Perform the 3x or 2x med and target throws 2-3 times every single week.
  7. Build your overhead squat to your body weight.
  8. Build your pull-ups strength to over 1.5 times your body weight with large grips.
  9. Use a radar gun to work better on your ball throwing mechanics and analyze your improvements.
  10. Believe in yourself that you can throw better and visualize yourself throwing harder and fast.