Tennis Players that Have Become Successful Business Owners

The life of a professional athlete is very different from that of a person that chooses a different career path. There are multiple key differences that set athletes aside from other career men and women, but one of them is the fact that they tend to end their careers when most business success stories just begin for other professions.

Being an athlete can be great. Whether you’re an NBA player or one of the best soccer players that have ever competed in the Champions League, there is one thing that you can be sure of. There will come a time when you just won’t be able to compete the same way that you do in the guidr. There are many things that give it away, most of them having something to do with physical condition.

Athletes that reach a certain age will notice that it’s not as easy as it once used to be to complete certain tasks. Even if they are tasks that once were considered incredibly mundane or basic, they can cause problems now. Fatigue and stamina are the ones that probably suffer the most off of gaining morecandles on the birthday cake. Young players are able to zoom past their teammates like rockets but a time comes when they’ll have to take it easy or else they’ll spend all their energy at practice and underperform in the game.

For these reasons, it is very important for most athletes that they find something to do once their short careers come to an end. Their careers are short by default so there’s no way around the fact that most professional sports superstars of today will be unemployed before they reach 40.  A lot of them start their own businesses however and prosper that way. There are multiple cases of athletes that have found success after success on the field are now respected business owners that make in some cases even more money than when they used to play. Here are some of the best examples of professional athletes that have embraced business and are now their own bosses.

Venus WilliamsTennis Players that Have Become Successful Business Owners

Venus Williams needs no introduction as this extremely talented athlete has made history on the tennis court on multiple occasions. There is no accolade that she hasn’t received and once she retires she’s a no brainer hall of fameer. Venus Williams is also sister to Serena, which is also a very accomplished Tennis professional. The two often times compete against each other at the highest levels of play for trophies and titles. When playing doubles games, there’s a different story as the two Williams sisters team up to take on the world. There sure is no denying that the pair has managed to do justice by their namesake tenfold.

However, many do not know that Venus Williams is also the owner of her own design firm. Some might have heard about V Starr Interiors and for those that didn’t, it’s the name of Venus Williams’ interior design company. The company is based in Jupiter, FLA, and has some important clients in its portfolio such as the Baltimore Ravens representative Bryant McKinnie.  Her company has even managed the design of a TV talk show set. To be more specific, it designed the set for Tavis Smiley’s show.

Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova Tennis Players that Have Become Successful Business Owners

Maria Sharapova is another tennis legend. After defeating Venus’ sister Serena at the Wimbledon finals all the  way back in 2004, she became a worldwide sensation and continued what would later on become a very fulfilling (and profitable) tennis career. When she won against Serena, she was only 17 of age but now she has developed from a prodigies child to a full suite business woman.

Maria now has her own business as well. The venture that is has brought her quite a large amount of income since its inception is called Sugarpova, and it’s a candy brand. The name is obviously wordplay on her name, Sharapova, and once she’s done with tennis she will have a more than stable income from the sweets business which is focusing on premium candy. Fun fact, they also make gumballs that look like tennis balls, because a big portion of Sugarpova’s customer base is probably a fan of its owner and her tennis career.

Ion Tiriac

Ion Tiriac Tennis Players that Have Become Successful Business Owners

Ion Tiriac is a former professional tennis player that manages to rake up some impressive accolades throughout his career.  He has the pleasure of calling himself the winner of the French Open among others. Going down as one of tennis’ most successful and important players, Tiriac didn’t stay down once his tennis career was officially over. The age caught up with him but he shook it off by starting to engage in multiple businesses. He is currently a successful bank owner (Tiriac Bank) as well as the owner of multiple other successful business ventures like auto dealerships and even an insurance company. He has managed to get a feature in Forbes’ list of billionaires.

These players managed to make it clear to spectators as well as other tennis players that feared retirement that there is life after the sport and ending the tennis career doesn’t automatically mean ending success or ending profit. The latter is the only one retired so far out of the three, as the first two players are still playing and dedicating themselves to the world of Tennis. While tennis can be lucrative and ensure a great lifestyle even after retirement, it has been proven that tennis players can surpass the financial accommodations of the sport, some even acquiring the title of billionaire. That being said it is still important for us to recognize the importance of the sport and the role it played in the development and kick starting of the careers of these now vary successful people.