Top 5 Football Records of All Time: Soccer Records

Every football player wants to be known for a successful career and being fundamental in your team’s victories. But, you also want to be remembered long after you’ve hung your football boots for the last time, which is a challenging task when there are so many talented players out there. One straightforward way to ensure your name stays in people’s minds, though, is to make yourself a record-breaking player. Whether it’s through luck, talent or a combination of the two, here are the top 5 football records of all time:

1: Longest Goal Ever ScoredFootball Records: longest goal eve

Goalkeepers are known for their skills in keeping the ball out of the goal, so when a goalkeeper makes a spectacular score, people tend to notice. None more than Asmir Begovic’s – who played for Stoke at the time – stunning 97.5-yard goal against Southampton. Recognized as the longest goal in footballing history, it was scored just 13 seconds into the game!

2: Most Expensive Player TransferFootball record most expensive player

Football is expensive, especially for clubs who want the best players in the world. Yet none have come more expensive than Neymar Jr. who was just this month bought for a record-breaking €222m by Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. Which is an astonishing price for the 25-year-old Brazilian.

The previous record was held by Paul Pogba, who was transferred from Juventus to Manchester United for €105m in 2016 – less than half of Neymar’s price tag!

3: Scored in Every Gamed of the World Cup

The World Cup is football’s most prestigious event, so it’s little wonder that even some of the greatest football players on the planet feel the pressure and struggle to score goals for their country. So, to have a player score in every single one of their World Cup games is an astonishing achievement. In fact, it’s something that only two players have ever achieved – Alcide Ghiggia for Uruguay in 1950 and Jairzinho for Brazil in 1970.

Of these records, Jairzinho’s is the most impressive as he managed to score in all six of Brazil’s games that year. Indeed, many believe that this footballing record is more than just footballing skill, but also down to the fact that Jairzinho wore a number 7 shirt, a number that has long been associated with being football’s luckiest number.

4: Most Goals in a Calendar YearFootball Records: Most goals

Lionel Messi is one of the most legendary players in football’s history. Which makes it no surprise then, that Messi has so many footballing records associated with his name. One of his most impressive occurred in 2012, when the Argentine player managed to score an exceptional 91 goals in just one calendar year. The previous record was held by Gerd Muller, who scored a total of 85 goals in 1975.

5: Longest Game Ever Played

When it comes to a football match we’re always wishing two things – for the match to be over when we’re winning or for the match to be longer when we’re losing. But, when it comes to the latter, just how long would you actually watch a game for? What about 36 hours? Well that’s exactly how long the longest football match ever played lasted. Taking place in 2009, the charity match between Leeds Badgers and Bristol Academy was held in aid of the Meningitis Trust. Both teams had an 18-man squad, with every player needing to play 18 hours in total, and taking a turn at each position. You can only imagine how exhausted they were by the end.