How the UAE Will be Celebrating the Cheltenham Races

For those who live in Britain it’s a very well-known fact how big of a deal the Cheltenham Festival and Races are each year, drawing in crowds of more than 200,000 attendees to catch a glimpse of the action as it plays out over four days in mid-March. What you may not realize though, is how big this event is in other countries – in particular the United Arab Emirates, who have taken a very strong interest in the sport.Cheltenham Races

And it’s more than just the sport itself, they are also looking to get into the action like never before and take part in the more than £500 million worth of bets that will be placed during the event. You can always click here for all the information about Cheltenham betting, and make sure you don’t miss out on the action yourself.

Horse Racing – Big Business in the UAE

If you’re looking for a country where horse racing is quickly pulling ahead as the sport of choice, then the UAE is the place to find it. Not only is this country extremely interested in the sport, it also is a huge money generator thanks to the millions upon millions that gets poured into the gambling industry. To make it even more exciting, it is exploding at such as pace that Saudi owners are buying horses from around the world, horses that have traditionally raced elsewhere.

In Dubai alone, the horse racing is a huge part of the tourist industry. It was in 1996 that the Dubai World Cup race was first launched and has managed to gain popularity each year. This just so happens to be the richest horse race in the entire world. The racecourse itself is meant to be luxurious and plush, giving visitors a unique experience. It seats 85,000 but there are talks of expanding it to 120,000 if the need presents itself in the future.

You’ll find everything from endurance, to flat racing, and show jumping taking place in Dubai thanks to the fact that only the best of the best are purchased and brought into the country. As more wealth and more tourists pour into the area, the interest and need for horse racing continues to climb.

But What About Cheltenham?

While the United Arab Emirates and Dubai may seem like a world away from Cheltenham, the fact of the matter is that racing fans and owners keep a close eye on all the biggest events around the world, especially here in Europe. They are always looking to purchase that next great horse, and of course win some money. With such large amounts of money changing hands during the course of Cheltenham, it only makes sense for them to get in on the action.

The fact that so much of today’s gambling and betting can be done online makes it easy for those who live in other countries to take an active part in festivals such as Cheltenham. They too can gather up tips, keep an eye on how things play out, and place a variety of wagers on the 27 events that will take place during the festival. Cheltenham is one that has far-reaching interest, especially to those countries with a passion in horse racing.

Expect the Trend to Continue

As more money seems to pour into the UAE, and tourism continues to rise, it’s only normal that certain industries start to take a front seat in popularity. It just so happens to be that horse racing is rather large business and draws a lot of interest, no matter where the race may be taking place.