3 Ways to Keep up with College Basketball Using Apps

College basketball is a crazy sport with hundreds of games played each season, all coming together for March Madness. With exciting games happening every week, it can be hard to catch all of the crucial matchups, and chances are if you don’t watch the game live someone will spoil the game for you the next day. Before March Madness starts staying up to date with scores stats and other information during the season will help you construct the best bracket possible.  Although staying up to date with the NCAA can be difficult there are a lot of apps available to help keep you up to date the latest NCAA news or watch games live, but finding the best apps can be time-consuming so continue reading below for three tips to find the best basketball apps.

Tracking your Teams

The crazy pace of games during march madness can make it hard to follow several of your favorite teams, especially at the beginning of the tournament. Look for an app that allows you to save several teams to your account. Saving teams will enable you to quickly access information such as stats, injuries, breaking news, and schedules saving you time and the hassle of always looking up the same teams. You can track your least favorite rival teams as well, to make sure you can get a bit of trash talk in when your buddies favorite team gets knocked out of the tournament, or in some cases if they don’t make it into the tournament.

Understand the Game

Nothing gives your march madness bracket an advantage like really understanding the game of basketball.  Whether you just started following basketball or are a seasoned pro, there is an app for you. If you are brand new to the sport, there are many apps available that can teach you everything from basic basketball terminology such as layups, a three-pointer, to what different fouls entail along with the referee signal for each one. For the basketball veterans, some apps will explain an in-depth analysis of a player’s shooting profile and how it is going to compare to the next time the player faces. Other apps provide detailed game strategies of teams such as there offensive strategy for the upcoming game. When looking for an app to help you improve your understanding of the game, it is essential to find one that fits your existing knowledge. While doing some research for this article, I found a  great list of apps to help improve your basketball knowledge

 Best 10 Apps for College Basketball

This list of apps is great for keeping track of your favorite teams and improving your understanding of basketball. It should help you save some time while searching for the perfect basketball app.

Know your March Madness History

The first NCAA basketball tournament was held in 1939 and has been going on ever since. Several apps can let you look up the history of your favorite team or which team has the most national championships. Apart from impressing your friends with some interesting facts while watching the game knowing your march madness history has several advantages. For one, you can easily fact check your buddies statement of “They made it to the final four ten years in a row in the 60s” with a glance at your phone. You can also see how a particular player has performed in past tournament to see if a team could pose a possible choking hazard when making your bracket.


Hopefully, these tips will help you find the perfect college basketball apps and create the perfect bracket for this year’s March Madness tournament!