A Simple Guide on How To Bet on Cricket

Cricket has long been an existing sport for centuries already. It is a game of bat and ball played on an ICC-approved oval field. The match encompasses two competing teams, with each team having 11 players. Cricket revolves around numerous unique gameplay rules and systems that may seem complex to understand at first but is eventually easier to get a hold of than expected.

Aside from the exciting field actions most cricket matches can provide, it is notable among sports bettors because of its ability to provide varying betting ways and options, leading to a better and more enjoyable cricket experience. 

If you are still learning more about how to bet on cricket, here are some simple guides to help you get started.

Study the Betting Options

Knowing the betting options is one of the essential initial processes in sports betting. Although cricket betting may somehow pose unique aspects than the usual in major sports, it still shares common betting types and options you can easily consider, such as: 

  • Match Betting. One of the basic options in cricket betting is match betting. The bettor will simply choose which team will win the match, given three options: the home team will win, the away team will win, or there will be a tie. 
  • Over/Under or Innings Runs Bet. Similarly with other sports betting over/under bet, this betting option allows you to decide whether the combined total runs (unit of scoring in cricket) of both teams set by a sportsbook will be higher (over) or lower (under) than the actual score. 
  • Series Score. Unlike over/under, which solely rely on the total score in a match, a series score bet will let you decide how many wins or losses a team may acquire in a given match series. Bookies will provide numerous options showing predicted wins and losses in each team. To bet, you must choose which you think will most likely represent a team’s number of wins and losses.
  • Props. If you enjoy extra fun options when betting, cricket betting can be a great option for you. A props bet in cricket involves numerous options, including top bowler bet, tied match bet, completed match bet, top batsman bet, and many other additional options to try on. 

Knowing the common betting types allows you to achieve an easier betting journey. Moreover, it can give you numerous benefits, including the ability to make accurate and higher winning cricket bets in the latest and top leagues available this year. 

How to Achieve Winning Bets

Now that you know the basics and common types of cricket betting, it is time to discover more ways to achieve successful bets. Know that cricket has different domestic and international cricket leagues. These varying leagues and matches can come in different time lengths that may directly correlate with which and how you should place your bet. 

An example is the difference in the time used to play the T20 and Test Cricket. Cricket matches are played in different formats, wherein the T20 is considered the shortest format and the Test Cricket is the longest, which is played in over five days. 

In connection to that, a bowler’s overs in Test Cricket do not have maximums, while in formats like T20 and One Day Cricket (ODI), there are. Thus, considering this factor will enable you to create smarter bets, especially if it involves differences you may need to decide when choosing a bet. Other factors you can look at include the following:

  • Odds. Numbers play a significant role in sports betting. Looking at the odds will help you identify which team is most likely to win a match or which betting odds will give you higher winning chances and payouts.
  • Stats. Suppose you want to know the best players in bowler and batsman positions. The stats will give you an overview of their past and recent performance on the field. Stats provide you with credible data and the history of a player or its team.

Placing Your Bet

There’s not much difference in placing a cricket bet compared to other sports betting, especially when done online. Choosing a safe betting site should be the priority to ensure an easy and smooth betting experience, from opening an account, depositing money to wager, placing a bet, to withdrawals of possible winnings. 

Personal information may be needed when opening an account on a betting site. Once your account is ready, you’ll then choose the specific cricket event you plan to bet on, click the betting type, fill in the amount to wager, and all left is clicking the submit button. After that, you’ll get a copy of your betting ticket or receipt with all your bet details.

To monitor the match, most betting sites or other sports sites may provide live broadcasts you can watch in real-time. This way, you can easily check if your bets are successful. 


Cricket has many popular cricket tournaments you can check and bet on. With the varying tournaments and great betting options available, gaining valuable knowledge and paying great attention to top participating teams and players will help you make smart betting decisions in no time.