5 Essential Indianapolis Attractions for Sports Fans

FansIndianapolis offers something for everyone: but it’s especially awesome for sports fans. These five essential Indianapolis attractions are fantastic stops for anyone who wants to make the most out of their visits.Although it can be expensive if you’re going to go to any live events here, every single one makes history, so it’s definitely worth the price.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

This speedway is the main attraction for anyone driving into Minneapolis. Home to the Indie 500 and the Verizon 200, this speedway is the premier place to go if you want to see the best races on Earth. Fans come from all over the world to view the races and be in the city while they’re happening.Although it also used to be home to the United States Grand Prix, it still stands as the largest sports venue globally and the most broadcasted above any other. When the Indie 500 is happening, you can hear it across the entire city as the cars roar to life, and the sound explosively fills the air. Celebrating its 112th birthday in 2021, it’s a sure bet that this raceway will be a hot spot for years to come.

Lucas Oil Stadium

This multipurpose stadium in downtown Indianapolis is the home field of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts and has been a premier location to visit since 2008. So whether you’re from the area or you’re driving into town, getting to see a live game by the Colds or the Indy Eleven is a fantastic chance to be part of history.This 270-foot tall stadium is made to allow gameplay in any weather and allows amazing views from any angle.

NCAA Hall of Champions

The NCAA hall of champions is an exhibition center, conference center, and museum located near the national office of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.Highly rated by everyone who visits, this museum offers two levels of interactive exhibits and gives visitors the chance to walk through history and see what has built racing into what it is today.

Lucas Oil Raceway

This sixty-year-old raceway is just ten miles West of downtown Indianapolis and offers some of the best racing you’ll find in the world. The excellent facility is the best place to see drag racing and delivers live events year-round.Home to the NHRA US Nationals, it gets a lot of public attention and is well-known internationally by racing fans who are always excited to tune in and see what’s going on.

Hinkle Fieldhouse

Despite the name, don’t get this confused with any of the many houses for rent in Indianapolis, Hinkle Fieldhouse is a giant basketball arena that’s about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. This basketball arena on the campus of Butler University was the largest in the USA for the first 20 years it existed.Costing an equivalent of 11.3 million dollars in modern money, this stadium was made to be the best place to train athletes. As the sixth oldest college basketball arena still in use, it’s been called a US National Historic Landmark since 1987.