The Funniest NFL Prop Bets Ever

While NFL games often captivate audiences with dramatic plays and heated rivalries, there’s another element that adds humor to the mix: some truly unique and amusing side bets. These wagers aren’t your typical over/under bets or point spreads; they bring levity to an otherwise serious sports atmosphere. Learn about these one-of-a-kind betting options and how they provide a new angle of entertainment to football games.

The Color of the Gatorade Shower

One of the most widely discussed prop bets is speculating on the color of the liquid that will be poured over the winning coach at the end of the Super Bowl. It’s a tradition that dates back years, and while it might seem mundane, the variety of colors actually makes it quite interesting. Whether it’s orange, blue, or clear, this bet has made Super Bowl fans eagerly watch the coach instead of the game during the final moments. This proposition bet was also the most popular wager placed on NFL betting apps in the United States.

The Length of the National Anthem

Believe it or not, how long it takes to sing the National Anthem has been the subject of many wagers. Fans place bets on whether the performance will exceed or fall short of a certain time limit. It adds a unique aspect to the pre-game festivities and keeps spectators glued to their watches as well as their screens.

The First Song at the Halftime Show

Another musical bet revolves around the first song performed during the halftime show. Music enthusiasts and football fans unite to predict which track the performing artist will open with. While this might seem like a game of luck, many actually study the artists’ setlists from performances prior to the event to make an educated guess.

The Coin Toss

You’d think that the coin toss is a 50/50 bet, right? Well, it is, but that doesn’t stop fans from wagering on it every single Super Bowl. Whether it lands on heads or tails might seem trivial, but when you’ve got money riding on it, that coin flip suddenly becomes a moment of high drama.

Players’ Outfits and Accessories

You’ve heard of people scrutinizing players’ performances, but what about their outfits? From the color of their shoes to whether or not they’ll be wearing a headband, these bets truly test how well you know your favorite athletes’ fashion choices.

Player-Specific Shenanigans

Sometimes, prop bets get so specific they pertain to just one player. For instance, bets have been placed on whether a player will propose to their significant other after the game or if they’ll retire right after the Super Bowl. These bets add a human interest angle to the sports scene.

Mascot Antics

When you think about a football game, mascots don’t typically come to mind as important elements, do they? But believe it or not, they, too, have been subjects of some amusing bets. Whether it’s about the mascot falling over or engaging in a mock battle with an opposing team’s mascot, these bets add humor to the otherwise tense atmosphere of a game. It’s a minor yet enjoyable facet that you might want to consider next time you find yourself placing wagers on an NFL game.

Celebrity Sightings

Often, when you watch a high-profile NFL game like the Super Bowl, the cameras will pan to famous people in the audience. This has given rise to the bet on which celebrity will be shown first. Will it be a renowned actor, a music icon, or perhaps even a former president? This adds a Hollywood touch to the game and keeps those who might not be die-hard sports fans interested in the event.

Social Media Buzz

In the era where almost everyone is connected online, social media activity during NFL games has been turned into a betting category of its own. From predicting the number of tweets a player will post on game day to guessing which hashtag will trend, it’s an unconventional yet modern way to engage with the sport. What makes these bets particularly interesting is that they are ever-changing, evolving with the trends and the news of the day.

The Unpredictable Weather

This may not seem funny at first glance, but weather-based bets have led to some unexpected and amusing outcomes. Will it snow during the Super Bowl? Will the temperature drop below freezing? These wagers not only make you pay attention to aspects of the game you normally wouldn’t, but they can also bring about light-hearted moments, especially when the weather defies the forecasts in drastic ways.


To sum up, humor and unpredictability in prop bets can enliven any NFL match. Such bets, often odd and unexpected, may not always be profitable, but they do offer entertainment value. The quirkiness of these wagers exemplifies the lighter side of sports betting.