Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks In 2022

American football is a fun sport that requires immense energy from its players. One of the most important components of a football team is the quarterback. In fact, the NFL and its fans seem to rate this position above any other, with tons of players displaying their pure signal-calling prowess and leadership abilities. 

Aside from following them for their extraordinary performances, many football fans also pay attention to the best-performing quarterbacks and their teams to collect the right information to bet on NFL spreads.

While the selection process wasn’t easy, as there are many skilled quarterbacks in the NFL, this article has been able to put together a list of the best QBs currently playing in the league. While making this list, we’ve considered past outputs, current efforts, and future projections of these athletes. 

  1. Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengal)

Joe Burrow is one of the recent uprising, extremely talented, and determined players in the NFL. How he phased from a newbie to a pro within only two seasons remains a mystery. He is a player who has been able to capture the hearts of many fans with thrilling performances as a quarterback.

The 25-year-old has shown the world again that he’s a proficient pocket passer and one of the leading point guards for that position. Burrow QB-ed his team, Cincinnati Bengals, taking them to the Super Bowl. Joe Burrow brings in energy, precision, and willingness while being stable under pressure.

While reviewing some of the current leading players, some team coaches have remarked that Joe Burrow isn’t only walking as the younger version of Tom Brady but holding some potentially better prospects.

  1. Josh Allen — The General

Josh Allen is among the few NFL quarterbacks on the verge of superstardom. The QB narrowly missed the top ranking last year. He tossed nine touchdowns with no interception in the playoffs against Kansas City and New England. However, all his records were thwarted when their team went head-to-head against Houston after the 2019 regular season.

“The General,” as he’s regularly called, is one of the most talented QBs in the NFL. His growth over the past decade has been super-swift; how he transitioned from top 20/30 to top 3 quarterbacks in the NFL proved immense growth. The three most shocking components of change in Allen have been his legs, his precision, and his heart.

Josh’s legs contribute to some of his most remarkable matches, as they enable him to glide through normally difficult situations for other players. Sometimes, you might even consider the opponents’ defenses useless against him. Amid the first four NFL seasons in his career, he’s had 14,114 passing yards, circa 103 passing TDs, 2,325 rushing yards, and 31 rushing TDs. These achievements make him the only QB in NFL history to have above 100 passing TDs and more than 30 rushing TDs within his first four seasons.

Allen’s precision used to be his biggest challenge while coming out of college. In 2019, he started with 52.8% completed passes. The following year, he improved impressively to 69.2%. He has continued to improve since then. Allen brings competitiveness and passion into the game in a way that other players don’t.

  1. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is another skilled quarterback recognized at the top of the game worldwide. The Kansas City Chiefs QB can make a throw from anywhere — whether it’s possible or not, and he has gotten one Super Bowl ring from his two appearances in the SB.

He ranks #3 on our list for his current form and the incredible performances he has rendered over the years. During his four years starting with the Chiefs, they never won less than 12 standard-season games. Also, within this time, Mahomes never ended his seasons beneath the top five in the QBR.

Since 2019, Mahomes has averaged almost 300 passing yards and 101 touchdowns. However, the journey wasn’t so smooth for him in 2021. The defenses declined into coverage and forced him to stay with handoffs and check-downs.

  1. Tom Brady’s Unretiring and Heading Back to the Buccaneers

Tom Brady is unarguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history, but he emerged as the second fiercest quarterback in the NFL in 2022. The 44-year-old announced his retirement for a while at the end of last season but has returned with a new fire for the field.

After transferring to the Buccaneers from the Patriots, Tom Brady has shown a stronger resolve with firmer grips on the ball and more powerful throws. This QB remains the most rugged, energetic, and feared player in the NFL. Last season, Brady completed the season with a massive 5,316 yards, and he is expected to bring back the goods this season despite his age.

  1. Aaron Rodgers

The 38-year-old Aaron Rodgers has set the pace for American Football quarterbacks. Over the past two seasons, Rodgers has had an amazing time in the league. He won a Most-Voted-Player (MVP) award and ranked in the top 10.

After the 2020 season, Rodgers experienced one of the most amazing two-year stretches in American Football. He completed 8,414 passing yards, had 85 touchdowns and nine interceptions, and ended with a pass completion rate of 69.8% after 1,057 attempts.

Currently, Aaron Rodgers ranks as the second highest MVP in American Football. In the last season, Rodgers consecutively led the league in Total QBR with 69.1%. Then, he also completed with a 72.2 QBR in the league’s pocket, and these feats crowned him as the overall best player for the season. A lot more is expected of him in 2022.


In the NFL, many talented quarterbacks are leading the charge for their teams. However, talent isn’t enough to make it to tier 1. Some QBs stand out from the crowd because of their consistency, competitiveness, and sheer drive to win.

These qualities have separated the names on this list from some other skilled players in the league. As football fans await the new season, here is hoping that these players will continue to put in their best to thrill their team supporters.