Anabolic Steroids: Uses, Abuse and Side Effects | Buy Legal Steroids

Anabolic Steroids are primary sentetic version of testosterone. They affect lots of parts of your body. For example: Muscles, liver, blood, kidneys, reproduction system and more. Testosterone levels had been increased puberty days. This improvement affects your body. Hair, bones, height, voice, muscles and sex drive. Testosterone makes person aggressive and increasing rivalry feeling.


There are different Anabolic Steroids uses. We will give general information about some of them. First of them is cycles. Users make plans about how many weeks they would get Anabolic Steroids. Dosage, post cycle therapy and more. This is the most common steroid usage. For example: user combine some oral and injectable steroids get them during twelve weeks. Than use post cycle threapy products for about 3-4 weeks. And cycle has been completed. If it is cutting cycle they put cutting products like Winstrol, Anavar to their cycle. If user gets this cycle for bulking products must be changed. Dianabol, Primobolan are products that use for bulk cycles. Combine different Anabolic Steroids to get more benefits called hoarding. Some users start their cycle with low dosages than they start to increase it. And this is called as a pyramid type of usage. Anyway we could not say these categories decreases side effects of Anabolic Steroids.


Some steroids use for different health problems like ashtma, cancer,HIV,AIDS,late puberty,natural low level testosterone problems and more. Oxandrolone, Nandrolone and methyltestosterone are anabolic-androgenic products that prescribed from doctors in USA.

In Sports

You could only use Anabolic Steroids with prescription in USA. Anabolic Steroids are banned from all sport events. Because of that there is no quality institution to check steroid’s quality. Steroids users get these products from underground ways. There are different ways that they could find these steroids. Order from internet, find them from some pharmacies or find reseller from gyms. To find Anabolic Steroid is much easier than get correct information about products. Most of the users get steroid cycles with information he/she heard or get from internet. Using Anabolic Steroids under control by doctor or any expert is a rarely situation.

Side Effects

Side Effects depend on lots of detail. Dosages, period of time, combination of products, products he/she use, getting right post cycle therapy or not and these kind of things. These are effects risks of side effects. Most common side effects;



-Changes on libido

-Increasing on red blood cells

-Low sperm count


-Low HDL levels

-High LDL levels


As we told using Anabolic Steroids have lots of risks. Users could increases these risks. For example some steroid users get ten times higher dosage than medical dosage. Sometimes this ratio is lot more. Misusage stimulates lots of risks.

-Cardiovascular problems


-Steroid usage could affect Vitamin D and Calcium metabolism that means user face osteoporosis and bone loss.

Some of side effects could be persistent. That means you will face side effects even you stop taking them. Also if user takes Anabolic Steroid for a long time and break off using. This affects psychological problems like depression.

Can You Take Anabolic Steroids Safely?

We must give information about steroid usages. If you need Anabolic Steroids to use medically. Your doctor prescribes it. That means you would use it with under doctor control. This is conscious usage and safe. Common usage of Anabolic Steroids is in sports. Athletes take it to increase their performance. If steroid user get low dosages, combine products very well, make right post cycle therapy, right diet and all things about steroid usage right. He/she still has lots of risks. We could not say this is taking Anabolic Steroids safely. But at least it is right way to use Anabolic Steroids for performance. Anyway you accept all side effects of products you put on your cycle.

Is It Legal To Buy Anabolic Steroids?

It depends on your countries laws. For example US government banned it. Canada has similar laws too. But it is lot easier to use them in UK. UK government does not use penalties US and Canada use against steroid users. Also Anabolic Steroids are free in China and South American countries.

Do Steroids Affect You Sexually?

Testosterone is natural hormone that your body produces. And it causes sex drive and lots of sexual things. Taking testosterone from outside means fast improvement on your testosterone levels. That effects your sexual drive. But taking testosterone does not mean you keep high testosterone level forever. Last period of your cycle you could feel decrease of that. Sometimes it is felt in post cycle period. Taking post cycle therapy decrease these risks. It could be balance your hormones and you could pass this transitional period better.

What Are The Safe Places To Buy Anabolic Steroids Online?

If you want to buy Anabolic Steroids you will not have lots of options. You could buy it online or you will get it from doctors, pharmacies or another seller. Some doctors or pharmacies sell them underground. Online steroid shops offer more products. You could find lots of brands different products, different dosages, campaigns, payment options and different delivery methods. Because of that buyers use trust-able online steroid shops. If online Anabolic Steroid shop sells legit products, guarantees lab test and delivery. We could say that these places are safe to buy Anabolic Steroids Online. Some of them offer pharmacy brands. Most of the time pharmacy brands higher quality.    

Buy Legal Steroids This is another subject that Anabolic Steroid users wonder about. Some products which is called Pro Hormones are legal. Prohormones are hormones this is correct. But it is precursor hormone. Precursor hormone means it is alone, inactive hormone. If you take Anabolic Steroids to your body, this steroid is a hormone too. It is active and ready for use. Half life time and this kind of things could be change steroid to steroid. But taking prohormones means metabolized, inactive hormone. You could buy this Legal Steroids without prescription or any other risks. Because governments do not banned these products. We don’t tell exceptions.