Inside the Suns: Analyzing the Potential Impact of the KD Trade, NBA Draft Strategies, and Darius Bazley’s Future

For the third consecutive season, the Phoenix Suns went into the postseason with high hopes, only to see them dashed. The addition of Kevin Durant gave the team a needed boost, but after losing to Denver in the second round, it is clear the team still has more work to do to reach the top of that mountain.

This article will explore the speculation surrounding the timing of the Kevin Durant trade, shed light on the Suns’ strategies for the upcoming NBA draft, and provide insights into the future of Darius Bazley. It will also delve deeper into the team’s current shape and potential future trajectory.

Speculation on the Timing of the KD Trade

One question that has captivated Suns fans is whether this past season’s outcome would have been different if the team had acquired Kevin Durant during the offseason instead of the midseason. As analysts, we can’t help but consider the potential impact of a longer period for the team to gel and establish effective rotations, which could have improved the Phoenix Suns odds in the playoffs. 

It is reasonable to assume that more time together would have allowed Coach Monty Williams to fully explore the capabilities of the rotation players, potentially leading to a stronger showing in the playoffs.

However, it is also crucial to acknowledge that injuries played a significant role during the year. While Durant’s earlier court presence would have undoubtedly provided an additional boost, it is uncertain whether it would have altered the outcome against the Denver Nuggets, who have clearly established themselves as the NBA’s most dominant team thus far.

The Suns’ success would have relied on roster adjustments, the development of secondary offensive options, and the ability to withstand injuries. These factors remain shrouded in uncertainty.

Exploring NBA Draft Strategies

With only the 52nd pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, the Suns face a challenge in acquiring new talent. However, there are possibilities to consider; the Suns could explore trading up in the draft or buying a pick from another team, likely a second-rounder. These options would allow the team to add promising young players to their roster.

The significance of the 52nd pick cannot be understated, particularly in light of the Suns’ salary cap situation. A successful choice could prove invaluable, considering the team’s financial constraints. Acquiring a pick through trade or purchase presents a low-risk, high-reward opportunity. By securing additional draft assets, the Suns could strengthen their bench and find hidden gems who exceed expectations.

Darius Bazley’s Future with the Suns

Darius Bazley’s limited playing time this season has left many wondering about his Suns’ future. As a restricted free agent, he has a qualifying offer of $6.2 million. Evaluating his fit within the team’s playoff dynamics is challenging due to his limited on-court exposure. However, as analysts, we can weigh the potential pros and cons.

Some voices in the Fantable express doubts about retaining Bazley, highlighting concerns about his fit and rebounding capabilities. They question the value he would bring to the team during critical moments. On the other hand, some believe that Bazley’s youth, athleticism, and size make him an intriguing asset. With a controllable contract and the potential for development, Bazley could be a valuable piece for the Suns moving forward.

Ultimately, Bazley’s future with the Suns may depend on the team’s overall plans and evaluations. While retaining him by matching any offer he receives seems likely, the Suns’ front office will carefully assess his value and salary cap implications. The decisions made regarding Bazley will reflect the team’s long-term vision and their assessment of his potential contribution to their success.

Looking Ahead

The Suns are still seeking their first-ever NBA title. After coming so close in 2021, they hoped the addition of Durant would be the ticket that got them over the top. However, while they showed that they are still an NBA title contender with him, getting past a talented team like the Nuggets is going to take more. Durant’s age will begin to become a concern in the coming years, and Phoenix will need to develop their youth and find more complementary players to improve their title chances.