Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries: Can It Help You Recover Faster?

After a sports injury, you may be itching to get back on the field, court, ice, or wherever you
play. Sports injuries are not just painful—it can be frustrating being stuck waiting to heal. Worse,
traditional medicine may feel as though it isn’t doing enough.
Chiropractic care and massage therapy may be on your mind as a supplement to the treatment
you are already receiving. But can it help you recover faster? You may find massage therapy is
what you need. Read on to learn more about massage therapy after injuries and what you can
do to recover.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy focuses on the soft tissues to reduce stress, pain, and similar unwanted
conditions. This therapy can impact the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, relieving pain
points around the body. Massage therapy does more than relax the recipient. Unlike a typical
massage, massage therapy is meant to reduce pain and stress around a body part, treating the
symptoms the patient may be feeling.

Reducing Pain for a Full Recovery
Pain can impact your daily life, not just your ability to get back to playing the sport you love.
When you are hurt and suffering, even normal tasks like yard work or chores become a difficult,
painful ordeal. The pain may be severe enough that you can’t complete these tasks. Worse,
your doctor may not have answers beyond bed rest and pain medication. While these can
reduce the pain you are in, they may not fix the problem—especially not quickly. Treatment like
massage therapy after injuries can help you overcome this pain, get your life back, and get back
on the team.
Benefits of Massage Therapy After Sports Injuries
Massage therapy can aid those suffering from sports injuries by tackling some of the underlying
causes of your pain. This treatment can work for the particular location of your injury, increasing
blood flow to the area and promoting lasting relief.
Below are just a few benefits those suffering from a sports injury may experience:
● Reduced pain
● Better flexibility, which can prevent future injuries
● Reduced stress
● Increased circulation, which reduces chronic stiffness

Massage therapy can be a great supplement to traditional medicine. While a doctor can provide
exams, tests, and other information about your injury, they may mainly prescribe bed rest.
Besides pain relief medication, there is no pill you can take to overcome an injury faster.
There is, however, consistent massage therapy to help you recover faster. Massage therapy
promotes healing, and when you are not facing serious pain, it is easier to get back to a normal
life. When you are less stressed and in less pain, recovery can feel quicker and easier.
Massage Therapy Can Make a Difference
When you are in pain, it can be difficult to muster the energy for anything, even your favorite
sport. When this happens, massage therapy can provide the help you need. This treatment can
tackle the painful, stiff sports injuries you may have suffered, working out the pain points that
are keeping you away from the game you love.
While chiropractic care and massage therapy should not be your only source of
healthcare—speaking with your doctor to ensure X-rays and other medical exams show
improvement, along with other medical advice, makes a difference—it can help you recover the
health, energy, and pain-free lifestyle you had before your injuries.
Unsure massage therapy is right for you? Groups like Icon Medical Centers can provide more
details and information about your options and help you find the right massage therapy program
for your injuries.
When you are injured, your health and recovery can decide whether you are back on the field or
stuck on the bench. Reach out to a massage therapist to help you get back in the winning spirit.