NHL: how to bet and popular types of bets

Hockey is cool! Beautiful feints, amazing combinations, hard joints, lightning attacks. And what tactical techniques are breathtaking, in a matter of seconds a team can transform and leave, for example, from defensive to offensive actions and completely change the course of events.

In terms of entertainment and expressiveness, not many sports can be compared to hockey, which is why the interest in betting on hockey in bookmakers is very high. Today, many online bookmakers offer to bet on leading hockey events, the undisputed leader of which are the NHL and KHL.

With the advent of the Continental Hockey League, bets became even more interesting, good teams were added, new names appeared in the race for leading positions.

 You can bet not only on a winning or draw outcome, but also, bookmakers offer to earn by betting on:

  • who will score the first goal
  • when the first deletion happens
  • which team will win the first face-off and so on.

We also want to add separately what to earn by betting on hockey anyone can. You just need to be interested in games, even if only your favorite team, to analyze what is happening in the world of hockey, in short not to go about emotions or resort to the help of pseudo-predictors, but just think a little with your head. Believe me, anyone can do it! Play and win!

Hockey Bet Features

The usual type of bet on the outcome is 1 X 2, respectively, the victory of the first, draw or victory of the second team. Some offices also offer 1 2, along with the usual 1 X 2.

Against the spread in betting on hockey -1.5 in the bookmakers is very rare and is offered if one of the teams is a clear favorite. This against the spread for the leader (-1.5) means that the team must win with a minimum margin of 2 goals: 2-0, 3-1, 4-2. Betting on odds +1.5 will play if the team wins, the match ends in a draw or loses in one goal, for example, games may end as follows: 4-1, 2-2, 2-3.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that against the spread-1.5 in hockey rarely brings luck (carefully follow the results of the games, and you can easily see this). The explanation is very simple: favorites are rare in hockey, but to win it is enough to put just one goal more and it makes no sense to try hard on the court. Let us also pay attention to such a variation of hockey bets as moneyline — a bet on a team’s victory and a refund in the event of a tie.

For example, with a score of 3-2, you win, and with a score of 2-2, your money will be returned. Please note that most often moneyline is used when betting on an outsider (Against the spread +0.5 odds. 2.2, and moneyline – 2.6.) Also do not forget to bet on total, i.e. on the number of goals scored in the match. Most often, the total is calculated on 5.5 goals.

In some bookmakers you can find offers to put in the penalty time, total for certain periods, shots on target, on the results of periods, individual total of individual players, removal, etc.

Before make your bet, we recommend analyze nhl computer picks against the spread.

How to analyze?

Remember that the result in hockey, as in any team game, very much depends on how much the team played, how the players understand each other on the court. Now finding the necessary information about the team is simple, just go to any specialized site. Look at the information about the latest transfers of your teams and from this you can easily understand how much the team is played, a newcomer to the team needs time to get comfortable, no matter how professional he is.

Sport is a matter of strong people, hockey is one of the most difficult game sports, very great attention should be paid to physical training. Before betting on the game, analyze the status of the teams which players are injured.

Remember, the game can start with a tangible advantage of some, but by the middle or the end of the match due to poor physical preparation, the team can simply “pass” the game.

Another important factor in betting on hockey in the bookmaker is an analysis of the capabilities of the coaching staff. Please note that a very strong coaching team may not achieve anything at all, and an unknown coach and an outsider will gain a leading position. Learn the history of coaching staffs, what achievements and with what composition!

Injury to the key player, access to the game of the reserve goalkeeper often leads to the defeat of the team.

Most often, the team, after the appointment of the head coach – wins the first game with a new coach. This may not work if the wards of the new mentor play against a clear favorite.

When betting on the NHL, you should pay attention to the following patterns:

1. After a long away series of games (4 or more), most often the team loses the first home game.

2. A team that plays two days in a row is physically tired; in the NHL a team can play three games in four days.

3. After the match of all stars (ALL STAR GAME), in the next round, in most cases, the guests win.