The betting site – – is your new home for ECL fixtures. Who will win this year?

One more year, and we’ve got ourselves another magical edition of the most exciting international club cup in the world! We’re of course talking about the European Champions League, which is the most prestigious cup in what football is concerned. So, make sure to keep updating the betting site – – as there are lots of new bets in place for whoever is going to win!

At this point, everything is still in the open regarding the possible champion, but we already know of some teams that were left behind. That’s the case with Tottenham, for example, who were surprisingly eliminated by RB Leipzig. A stunner if we ever saw one!

The Champions League is a very prestigious international club cup, that has a special history with these clubs:

  • Real Madrid won it 7 times (11 if you count previous installations of the ECL);
  • Barcelona has won the final 4 times, but hasn’t found international success very often in the last years;
  • AC Milan has got 3 cups under his belt;
  • Liverpool are the reigning champions (although presently eliminated from the cup)
  • And Bayern Munich has also got two cups!

As you can see, the list of winners is very exclusive, and they’re all very prestigious clubs. Be sure  to keep checking the betting site – – as it will feature some exclusive bets very soon!

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It could be the case that you’re just not very interested in the ECL, but if that is the case, then we’re happy to announce that 1xBet is not only about that cup — in fact, it covers much more than just one competition — and it also has 1xbet – boxing bets available for every bettor.

Maybe even the players enjoy their boxing as well: one has to wonder about that since so many of them seem very keen on throwing a punch here and there! Remember Eric Cantona’s fantastic kick into one of the supporters in the field a couple of decades from now? Ah! Good times!

So, whether or not Real Madrid ends up winning this year’s competition, surely there’s more to the international sports scene than that. So, make sure to give 1xbet – boxing bets a chance in the future, as you will probably develop a fine taste for one of the most challenging sports there is!

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