2014 FIFA World Cup Groups and Teams

The most anticipated and eagerly awaited sporting event, the 2014 FIFA soccer world cup is going to start from 12th of June in 2014. Five times FIFA World Champions Brazil are going to host this biggest single-event sporting competition. This will be the 20th men’s soccer world cup and 32 teams will participate in this edition of the soccer world cup. 2010 FIFA World Champion Spain will defend the title. Out of 203 international teams 31 teams qualified for main event as Spain being defending champions thus automatically qualifying for world cup.

2014 fifa world cup groupsIn 2014 FIFA World cup 8 former champions are participating in which Brazil five times, Italy four, Germany three, Argentina and Uruguay two times, while Spain, England and Netherland single time’s title winners. Bosnia and Herzegovina will be the only debuting international football team in this edition of the soccer world cup. These 32 teams have been divided in eight different groups. Detail of 2014 FIFA World Cup groups and teams is as:

Group A

Group A comprises the hosts and five times champions Brazil along with Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon.

Group B

This group contains the defending champions Spain along with 2010 runner up Netherland, Chili and Australia.

Group C

Group C covers to Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan.

Group D

Group D is labeled as group of death and it includes Uruguay, England, Italy and Costa Rica. This group contains three former world champions Italy four times, Uruguay two times and 1966 champions England.

Group E

This group includes Switzerland, Ecuador, 1998 champions France and Honduras.

Group F

This group features Argentina, debutants Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran and Nigeria.

Group G

This group includes two tough sides three times champions Germany and Portugal along with Ghana and United States which can give some serious competition too.

Group H

The last group features Belgium, Algeria, Russia and South Korea.

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Group D Uruguay   Costa Rica England Italy
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Group F Argentina  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Iran  Nigeria 
Group G Germany  Portugal  Ghana  USA 
Group H Belgium  Algeria  Russia  Korea Republic