Full List of Past Copa America Winners 1916-2016

USA gets the honor of hosting the biggest soccer tournament in South American history; the Copa America 2016. The history of Copa America extends back to 1916 however this is the first time the event has been hosted by a country outside South America. 2016 Copa America is the 45th edition of one of the most exciting summer footballing event. With 16 teams to compete for one of the most prestigious sports trophies in the world, Chile is the defending champions as they won the last tournament in 2015. Although normally the event gets its organization after a span of four years but this time it is going to be played after just one year. The reason for its early arrangement is also pretty much exciting. In fact the 2016 Copa America has been scheduled to be an honorary event, a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the Copa América, to be more specific.  As for the Copa America winners, Uruguay has won this competition the most times (15), with Argentina winning it 14 times. Brazil has been crowned eight times as the Copa America winners. Below is the full list of past Copa America Winners 1916-2016.

In Copa America 2015 final Chile won the their first Copa America title by beating Argentina in penalty shoot out becoming the host champions after 14 years. Before Chile, Colombia was the only host country to have won the event in 2001.

In 2016 history repeated itself. Once again Chile faced the same opponent in final. Once again both teams remain goalless in due time and also in extra time. In penalty shoots one again the result was same. Chile defeated the Argentina 2nd consecutive times in Copa America final.  The full list of past Copa America winners from the date it started goes as under.

 Past Copa America Winners 1916-2011

Full List of Past Copa America Winners 1916-2016

Sr. No Year Host Champion Runners-up Third
1 1916 Argentina Uruguay  Argentina Brazil
2 1917 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina Brazil
3 1919 Brazil Brazil  Uruguay Argentina
4 1920 Chile Uruguay  Argentina Brazil
5 1921 Argentina Argentina  Brazil Uruguay
6 1922 Brazil Brazil  Paraguay Uruguay
7 1923 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina Paraguay
8 1924 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina Paraguay
9 1925 Argentina Argentina  Brazil Paraguay
10 1926 Chile Uruguay  Argentina Chile
11 1927 Peru Argentina  Uruguay Peru
12 1929 Argentina Argentina  Paraguay Uruguay
13 1935 Peru Uruguay  Argentina Peru
14 1937 Argentina Argentina  Brazil Paraguay
15 1939 Peru Peru  Uruguay Paraguay
16 1941 Chile Argentina  Uruguay Chile
17 1942 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina Brazil
18 1945 Chile Argentina  Brazil Chile
19 1946 Argentina Argentina  Brazil Paraguay
20 1947 Ecuador Argentina  Paraguay Uruguay
21 1949 Brazil Brazil  Paraguay Peru
22 1953 Peru Paraguay  Brazil Uruguay
23 1955 Chile Argentina  Chile Peru
24 1956 Uruguay Uruguay  Chile Argentina
25 1957 Peru Argentina  Brazil Uruguay
26 1959 Argentina Argentina  Brazil Paraguay
27 1959 Ecuador Uruguay  Argentina Brazil
28 1963 Bolivia Bolivia  Paraguay Argentina
29 1967 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina Chile
30 1975 No fixed venue Peru  Colombia Brazil
31 1979 No fixed venue Paraguay  Chile Brazil
32 1983 No fixed venue Uruguay  Brazil Paraguay
33 1987 Argentina Uruguay  Chile Colombia
34 1989 Brazil Brazil  Uruguay Argentina
35 1991 Chile Argentina  Brazil Chile
36 1993 Ecuador Argentina  Mexico Colombia
37 1995 Uruguay Uruguay  Brazil Colombia
38 1997 Bolivia Brazil  Bolivia Mexico
39 1999 Paraguay Brazil  Uruguay Mexico
40 2001 Colombia Colombia  Mexico Honduras
41 2004 Peru Brazil  Argentina Uruguay
42 2007 Venezuela Brazil  Argentina Mexico
43 2011 Argentina Uruguay Paraguay Peru
44 2015 Chile Chile Argentina Peru
45 2016 USA Chile Argentina Colombia
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