Cristiano Ronaldo Fitness Plan and Workout

ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo Fitness PlanCristiano Ronaldo is one of the most fittest and athletic player in the soccer world today. Ronaldo executes some of the most severe and exhausting exercises to maintain his stamina, athleticism and speed on the pitch, which is key to his success and goal scoring ability. Ronaldo has gone through a major body transformation, from a skinny boy to a muscled man and that didn’t happen by coincidence. Did you ever wonder how did this massive transformation took place? What Cristiano Ronaldo does to keep in shape? Apart from running an average of 9 km/game what kind of Cristiano Ronaldo fitness plan he has adopted, in order to always be in top form? Well ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Fitness Plan and Workout’ is an article in which you can find plenty of information related to Ronaldo’s workout, diet plans and gym exercises that you can replicate.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fitness Plan and Workout Routine
Cristiano Ronaldo Fitness Plan

:: 5 Weekly Training Sessions.

:: 3-4 hours Training Daily.

:: 56 Weekly Decline Push-Ups (upper chest, shoulder triceps).

:: 57 Weekly Pull-Ups (Back Biceps).

 :: 1000-3000 Sit-ups Daily.

:: 186 Weekly Deadlift (Hamstrings lower back Quadriceps Glutes)

:: 25 Weekly Dumbbell Chest Press.

:: 57 Weekly Dumbbell Lunges (Legs, Glutes Abdominal).

:: 32 Weekly Calves Raiser (Gastrocnemius, Soleus Calf Muscle).

:: 56 Weekly Dumbbell Front Squats (Hamstrings –Glutes,Quadriceps-Calves).

:: 48 Weekly Burpees (overall strength and explosive power).

:: 48 Weekly Box Jumps (improves quadriceps strength and overall reaction of fast-twitch muscles fibers throughout the body).

:: 57 Weekly Explosive Push-Ups (Chest, Shoulders, Biceps).

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet PlanCR7 Fitness Plan

Ronaldo diet plan includes eating up to six times a day with an interval of about 3-4 hours.


Protein and carbohydrates such as fruits whole grains, cereals, eggs and milk.


Low calories meals with fruits and a lot of vegetables.


Rich in fibers, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Cristiano Ronaldo body measurements

Chest                       109.22 cm
Arm/Biceps                        33.02 cm
Waist                        83.82 cm
Thighs                        62.23 cm
Height                           186 cm
Weight                             80kg
Body fat                             8-10%