The Kiwis Set a New World Record Most Sixes in an Innings

The Kiwi batsmen have set a new world record by hitting 18 sixes in one innings of any test match against Pakistan during third day of 3rd Test Match at Sharjah on 29 November 2014. The skipper Brendon McCullum smashed a double-hundred but Kane Williamson missed his by eight runs as New Zealand posted their highest total against Pakistan in the match.

Brendon McCullum smashed most sixes in an innings McCullum hit 188-ball 202 while Williamson made 192 as New Zealand closed the third day at 637-8 with a world record of 19 sixes in an innings. Kiwi batsmen broke the Australian record of 17 sixes in innings. Prior to that Australia made smashed 17 sixes in an innings against Zimbabwe in 9 October 2003 at Perth.

Former Pakistani all-rounder and all time legend Wasim Akram has the record of maximum sixes in an innings of a test match. Wasim Akram has smashed 12 sixes in an innings against Zimbabwe on 17th October 1999. New Zealand’s skipper Brendon McCullum is at no 2 along with NJ Astle and ML Hayden with 11 sixes each in one innings.

Records of the Most Sixes in an Innings

Team 6s Opposition
New Zealand 19  Pakistan
Australia 17  Zimbabwe
Pakistan 15  New Zealand
India 15  Sri Lanka
South Africa 15  West Indies
Pakistan 13  Zimbabwe
New Zealand 13  South Africa
Pakistan 13  England
New Zealand 12  England
Pakistan 12  India
Pakistan 12  Sri Lanka
South Africa 12  Australia
South Africa 12  India
Australia 12  England
England 11  New Zealand
Australia 11  Pakistan
West Indies 11  India
Pakistan 11  India
New Zealand 11  Zimbabwe
Australia 11  South Africa
Pakistan 11  India
West Indies 11  India
South Africa 11  Pakistan
Australia 11  South Africa
Sri Lanka 11  Bangladesh
West Indies 10  New Zealand
West Indies 10  England
New Zealand 10  England
Pakistan 10  Sri Lanka
South Africa 10  Zimbabwe
West Indies 10  India
England 10  Australia
West Indies 10  Pakistan
West Indies 10  New Zealand
Australia 10  England
New Zealand 10  India
West Indies 10  New Zealand

Most Sixes in an Innings by a Player

Player Runs 6s Team Opposition
Wasim Akram 257* 12 Pakistan  Zimbabwe
BB McCullum 202 11 New Zealand  Pakistan
NJ Astle 222 11 New Zealand  England
ML Hayden 380 11 Australia  Zimbabwe
WR Hammond 336* 10 England  New Zealand
CL Cairns 120 9 New Zealand  Zimbabwe
Inzamam-ul-Haq 329 9 Pakistan  New Zealand
TG Southee 77* 9 New Zealand  England
CH Gayle 333 9 West Indies  Sri Lanka
NS Sidhu 124 8 India  Sri Lanka
AC Gilchrist 204* 8 Australia  South Africa
KC Sangakkara 319 8 Sri Lanka  Bangladesh