NFL Players/Staff with the Most Super Bowl Rings

The Super Bowl Ring is a prestigious award awarded to the winners of the annual championship game, the Super Bowl in National Football League. Super Bowl Ring is probably the biggest status symbol is sports and it is standard that measures the greatness of any player in NFL.Most Super Bowl Rings

These rings are typically made of yellow or white gold with diamonds. Each ring costs the NFL roughly $5,000 depending on the current cost of gold and diamonds. Super Bowl rings have sold for more than $250,000 at auction.

Charles Haley only player has Most Super Bowl Rings Neal Dahlen is the only man that owns 7 super bowl rings. Neal Dahlen won five with San Francisco as a staff and player and two with Denver as a general manager. Charles Haley is the only player who won 5 super bowl rings as a player. Haley won two with San Francisco and three with Dallas. Here is the list of NFL staff and players that have Most Super Bowl rings.

NFL Players / Staff with the Most Super Bowl Rings:

Name Team Role Total Rings
Neal Dahlen San Francisco (5) / Denver (2) Staff 7
Dan Rooney Pittsburgh Staff 6
Art Rooney Jr Pittsburgh Staff 6
Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Staff 6
Bill Nunn Pittsburgh Staff 6
“Mean Joe” Greene Pittsburgh Player (4) / Staff (2) 6
Mike Woicik Dallas (3) / New England (3) Staff 6
Keith Simon San Francisco Staff 5
Dick Hoak Pittsburgh Staff 5
Charles Haley San Francisco (2) / Dallas (3) Player 5
Bill Belichick Giants (2) / New England (3) Staff 5
Romeo Crennel Giants (2) / New England (3) Staff 5
George Seifert San Francisco Staff 5
Bill McPherson San Francisco Staff 5
Pepper Johnson Giants (2) / New England (3) Player (2) / Staff (3) 5
Monsignor Peter Armstrong San Francisco Chaplain 5
Markus Paul New England (3) / Giants (2) Staff 5