The Tallest NFL Players in the History | Also Current Tallest and Shortest NFL Players (By Positions)

The Tallest NFL Players in the History of Pro-Football

Being taller than 7’0” is common in the NBA. In the National Football League (NFL), there’s only been one man. Seven-foot-tall defensive tackle Richard Sligh was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1967. He is the tallest NFL player in the history of Pro-football. Similarly St. Louis Rams Terrell Brown is the biggest man in NFL with 403 lbs weigh. Below is the list of the tallest NFL players in the history of American football.

John Krahn Junior 7’0″John Krahn The Tallest NFL Players in the History

King High football defensive lineman John Krahn, who stands nearly 7 feet tall and weighs more than 400 pounds, is one of the tallest NFL players. John Krahn has been big since his childhood. He’s spent most of his life ducking under, sidestepping trouble and sometimes simply not fitting in. Mostly encountered with painful injuries such as stress fractures.

Krahn comes from a big family. Literally John’s father, John Robert, nicknamed Rob, is 6-foot-5. His mother, Cindy, is 6-foot. He has an uncle in Northern California who is also 6-11. In the Krahn family, folks get to be Junior’s size.

Krahn wears a size-18 shoe, has to shop at specialty stores and niche websites for clothes. He sleeps diagonally on a 7-foot-by-8-foot California King mattress.

Richard Sligh 7’0″Richard Sligh The Tallest NFL Players

Richard Ellis Sligh was the tallest player in the history of professional football. At 7 feet tall, Sligh is the only NFL player with 7 feet height. Sligh played for Oakland Raiders in American Football League. In 1967 he was chosen in the 10th round of the NFL/AFL Common Draft as a defensive tackle and he played total of eight games in the league. Richard Sligh with 7 feet height is the tallest player in the history of NFL and definitely at NO. 1 position in our list of the tallest NFL players in the history of pro-football

Terrell Brown 6’10″Terrell Brown The Tallest NFL Players

The St. Louis Rams Terrell Brown is possibly the biggest guy in NFL. He is a 6 feet 10 inches tall and 403 pounds heavy guy. Brown plays for St. Louis Rams as offensive tackle. In height he is parallel with one of the tallest players in NFL history the Chiefs TE Morris Stroud, who also checked in 6-10, but weighed only 255 pounds.

Morris Stroud 6’10″Morris Stroud The Tallest NFL Players

The former tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs Morris Stroud was the tallest tight end in the history of the NFL. At 6 foot 10 inches tall he was the one of the tallest NFL players in the history of pro-football. He wore uniform # 88 and played for the NFL’s Chiefs from 1970 to 1974.

King Dunlap 6’9″King Dunlap The Tallest NFL Players

San Diego Chargers’ King Dunlap is another tallest player in NFL with 6 feet and 9 inches height. He is an American football offensive tackle for San Diego Chargers in NFL. He signed a two year contract with San Diego Chargers in 12 March, 2013

Ed “Too Tall” Jones 6’9″Ed Jones The Tallest NFL Players

At a height of 6 feet 9 inches Ed Lee “Too Tall” Jones is one of the tallest NFL players in the history of professional football. He played 15 seasons (1974-1978, 1980-1989) in National Football League (NFL) for the Dallas Cowboys.

Jonathan Ogden 6’9″Jonathan Ogden The Tallest NFL Players

Another 6 feet 9 inches tall NFL player is Jonathan Ogden. Who was an offensive tackle in NFL for twelve seasons for the Baltimore Ravens. He was an eleven-time Pro Bowl selection and a nine-time All-Pro.

who are the Active Tallest and Shortest Players in NFL (by position)?

Position Tallest Shortest
QB Brock Osweiler, 6’7″ Russell Wilson, 5’11”
RB Steven Jackson, 6’3″ Darren Sproles, 5’6″
WR Kris Durham, 6’6″ Andrew Hawkins, 5’7″
TE Levine Toilolo, 6’8″ Delanie Walker, 6’0″
C Mike Pouncey, 6’5″ A.Q. Shipley, 5’11”
G Alex Boone, 6’7″ (Numerous players), 6’2″
T King Dunlap/Demar Dotson, 6’9″ Kelvin Beachum, 6’2″
DT Tony McDaniel, 6’7″ Mike Daniels, 6’0″
DE/OLB Calais Campbell/Ropati Pitoitua, 6’8″ Elvis Dumervil, 6’0″
ILB Karlos Dansby/Audie Cole/Mark Herzlich, 6’4″ Stephen Tulloch/Sean Spence, 5’11”
CB Brandon Browner, 6’4″ Nickell Robey, 5’7″
S George Iloka, 6’4″ Tyrann Mathieu/Shamarko Thomas 5’9″
P Brandon Fields/Johnny Hekker, 6’5″ Spencer Lanning/Michael Koenen, 5’11”
K Steven Hauschka, 6’4″ Patrick Murray/Garrett Hartley/Cairo Santos, 5’8″