Overview of Top WTA Tour Championships Winners

WTA Tour Championships currently known as the WTA Finals is a tennis tournament played by the top ranked players at the end of season every year. The WTA Finals  is fifth most prestigious event in the women’s tour after the Grand Slam tournaments. The championships contain largest prize money and ranking points after Grand Slams.

wta WTA Tour Championships Winners
The championships were held for the first time in October 1972 in Boca Raton, Florida (USA) and Singapore is hosting the 2014-18 championships. The month, city and number of players have changed since the first edition in 1972. Since 2003 there have been eight singles players divided into two round robin groups, and four doubles teams.

The WTA’s season finale is held in Singapore from 2014 to 2018. The 2014 championship will played between October 20th to October 28th. The championship will have been played on hard surface and the prize money is $6,500,000.

Here are the details of those players who won the WTA Tour Championships women’s single the most.

1. Martina NavratilovaMartina Navratilova WTA Tour Championships Winners

The legendry tennis athlete Martina Navratilova is the most successful player who won 8 singles titles and 12 doubles titles overall. She won his first title in 1978. From 1983-86 she consecutively won the title five times which is a record.

2. Steffi GrafSteffi Graf WTA Tour Championships Winners

Steffi Graf won the WTA finals five times. She won her first title in 1987. In 1989 Steffi won her 2nd title by betting Martina Navratilova in straight sets. She also won 1993, 1995 and 1996 WTA finals.

3. Serena WilliamsSerena Williams WTA Tour Championships Winners

Current champions and world no 1 Serena Williams won the WTA Championships five times. Her winning years are: 2001, 2009, 2012,  2013 and 2014. On Sunday 26 October 2014 she won the WTA finals and successfully defended the title third time.

4. Chris EvertChris Evert WTA Tour Championships Winners

Chris Evert also won WTA tour championships title four times. She won the first title of WTA Finals at Boca Raton, Florida (USA). She also won the championship in 1973 and 1975. In 1977 Evert won the title 4th time by beating the Sue Barker of United Kingdom.

5. Kim Clijsters/Monica Seles Monica Seles WTA Tour Championships Winners

Monica Seles and Kim Clijsters won the WTA finals title three times each. Monica won the tournament in year 1990, 1991 and 1992 in the age of 19 years. While Kim Clijsters won the championships in 2002, 2003 and 2010.