Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns 2016

The Power House of WWE Roman Reigns is a combination of size; athleticism and power.  He is also equipped with number of moves. These moves make him a better wrestler and athlete. The Samoan drop, Superman punch, basement dropkick and spear all are used liberally throughout his battles. Roman has many such moves but here we are going to discuss only top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns. The 2k16 Roman is loaded with such a great and lethal moves which makes him not only no 1 contender for WWE HeavyWeight title but he also favorite for the title.

Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns 2016

  1. Belly To Back Suplex Slam

Belly to Back Suplex Slam is very similar move to Cena’s Belly to Back powerbomb, but with a smoother angle in execution. Roman execution of Belly to Back Suplex Slam is smoother and more natural. The opponent is lifted in the air via Belly to Back suplex, it appears to require zero effort for him to turn and catch the falling opponent in what is almost a spear like one handed slam.

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  1. Repeat Clotheslines to Corner

Roman is known for a running Clothesline in the Corner and this move has almost replaced the typical ten count punches in the corner. It looks much more aggressive and a refreshing variation on a traditional corner attack. The new addition is ranked at no 9 in Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns 2016.

  1. Flying ClotheslineFlying Clothesline Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns

Another version of the Clotheslines that is frequently use by the Power-House of WWE is Flying Clothesline. This move has height, intensity, and impact. Roman jumps into the air after a running start and hits a flying clothesline that has taken pretty well all opponents off their feet.

  1. Rolling Reverse T-Bone SuplexRolling Reverse T-Bone Suplex Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns

Rolling Reverse T-Bone Suplex is another innovative move by Roman Reigns. This was 1st tried against Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania 31 and we expecting more against Triple H in WrestleMania 32.

  1. The Samoan DropThe Samoan Drop Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns

The Samoan Drop is one of the best moves of Roman Reigns. This move is a great way for him to display his power. And can be used from any position. And victim gets nothing except pain after this lethal move. When he pops the opponent in the air before catching them in the devastation Samoan, it makes this move more destructive and effective.

  1. Tilt-a-whirl SlamTilt-a-whirl Slam Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns

Another evolved move from 2k15 Roman, Tilt-a-whirl Slam, Roman hits this move in a way almost identical to Billy Gunn.

The way he effortlessly lifts, tilts and slams his opponent is incredible. Overall it is a good addition in Roman’s move silo.

  1. Avalanche PowerbombAvalanche Powerbomb Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns

Roman’s Powebomb is another effective move by the superstar. Roman has height and power, all these make powerbomb a very effective and lethal move, and that was the key factor in the Shield’s triple powerbomb.

  1. Running Apron DropkickRunning Apron Dropkick Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns

Another stunning and exciting move from Roman Empire, running Apron Dropkick is one of the fan pleasing moves by Roman Reigns. A signature move that displays his innovation and agility taking him from a running start on the floor to a flying dropkick to the stunned opponent draped on the bottom rope. No doubt it one of the top three moves of Roman Reigns in 2k16.

  1. Superman Punchsuperman punch

Wow this is one of the most crowed loved and pleasing moves of Roman Reigns after Spear. And the when he is loading the superman punch is incredible. And jumping in air to deliver superman punch is nothing but jus wow. It is a trademark of the power house just like the DDT is to Jake Roberts or the Super Kick is to HBK.

  1. The Spearspear Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns

Spear is not a new move in WWE. Many superstars have exercised this move. Edge, the Gore, and Goldberg excel the spear and got many victories by using this move. Roman’s spear is probably the best one. His speed, velocity, height, and impact has already cashed him unforgettable victories with this move. Flying spear is an incredible move of Roman Reigns. Indeed this is his best move to finish the match. This is the reason the spear is ranked at No 1 position in Top 10 Moves of Roman Reigns 2k16.